Audience Personas + Messaging

Struggling to maintain a consistent brand voice across channels? You need a brand messaging strategy that not only resonates with your audience but is rooted in comprehensive persona research.

Connect to your audience using persona research and brand messaging services

It takes consistent and compelling B2B brand messaging to differentiate your brand in a crowded space. Your messaging has to resonate with your audience by speaking to their pain points while also highlighting your brand’s unique strengths in a distinct, ownable way. And it has to happen across every channel, from your brand’s social media posts to your editorial content.

How can your brand check all these boxes?

It starts with a data-backed approach grounded in quantitative and qualitative research. At Walker Sands, we employ a rigorous methodology to identify and understand your audience personas, then craft differentiated brand messaging frameworks that speak to their needs. The result: consistent messaging that instantly defines your brand’s voice in the market, differentiating you from competitors, raising awareness and driving your business goals.

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Erin Spanski
Senior Vice President, Insights + Strategy