Workplace Software: Integrated Marketing Tips for Growing HR Tech Brands

There’s a reason why workplace software has moved center stage in many organization’s IT infrastructure. Tired of high employee turnover rates and disengaged workforces, forward-thinking HR teams are relying on technology to help manage the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and onboarding through retirement.

But the push for advanced HR technologies has created a glut of providers and products. To gain traction in the marketplace, workplace software firms need to be visible to the right audiences across a range of channels

And that’s where integrated marketing enters the picture.

Why Integrated Marketing Matters for Workplace Software Firms

Integrated marketing strategies are some of the most effective lead generation techniques for technology companies. 

In the B2B technology sector, integrated marketing describes the intelligent combination of innovative paid, owned and earned media strategies with traditional public relations and digital marketing campaigns. By adopting an integrated approach, tech companies engage key audiences across a range of channels and media outlets.

For workplace software companies, integrated marketing distributes tailored messages to granular audience segments. In addition to improving the brand’s thought leadership profile, integrated marketing enables HR technology companies to increase leads by connecting with the right prospects with the right messages, at the right time in the sales cycle.
Integrated Marketing Advice for Workplace Software Providers

The combined use of the latest PR and digital marketing strategies requires HR technology brands to embrace a variety of tactics – all of which work together for the achievement of defined business outcomes.

At Walker Sands, we’ve provided results-based integrated marketing services to some of the industry’s fastest growing workplace software brands. Although the scope of services is tailored to the unique needs of each client, some of the most common services we provide to workplace technology firms include:

  • Strategy and Messaging – Successful integrated marketing campaigns have clear, compelling messaging and a cohesive strategy that ties together various earned, owned and paid media initiatives. Without a strategy, workplace software providers often find their efforts lack focus; without consistent messaging, marketing initiatives lack impact.   
  • Data-driven PR – Data is often the heart and soul of PR for HR technology. Interactive landing pages, SEO content, PPC ads and other integrated marketing tactics ramp up the visibility of proprietary data insights among reporters, editors and target audiences.
  • Content Marketing – Translating data-based insights and brand messaging into compelling stories isn’t as easy as it sounds. To connect with audiences, you’ll need a content marketing strategy that resonates across multiple channels.
  • SEO and PPC – Search marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are critical for raising the visibility of key messages and owned assets. It’s not just about ranking well in search engines – it’s about raising your brand’s visibility on social and other channels, too.
  • Social Media – Social media engagement positions your company at the center of important conversations about workplace software and HR technology. In some cases, a proactive social media marketing strategy can coalesce a community of engaged industry stakeholders around your brand.

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At Walker Sands, we’ve developed a reputation as one of the leading integrated marketing agencies for HR technology companies. Lead generation techniques for technology companies? We have them – and we use them to achieve stellar results for our clients.

In addition to results-driven PR, we offer a complete range of digital and content marketing services for clients that specialize in workforce management solutions and other workplace technologies.

Contact us today and let’s start a conversation about how Walker Sands can put our integrated marketing experience to work for your business.

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