Tips for Using SEO for PR

Leveraging SEO for PR programs makes your content more visible on popular search engines like Google and helps people in your target audience discover your company. Solid search performance hinges on an integrated relationship between public relations, social media and high-quality content.

As a full-service PR and digital marketing agency, Walker Sands has the capabilities and expertise necessary to hone the power of SEO as part of a holistic PR program. Our integrated approach to PR combines traditional media outreach and content marketing with SEO and social media marketing to increase ROI and business growth.

Walker Sands’ SEO for PR services include SEO strategy, comprehensive keyword research, competitive analysis, and content strategy and execution. These services coupled with our tailored PR strategies elevate marketing results and generate new leads.

Tips for Leveraging SEO for PR

When optimizing PR materials for search, there are a few best practices you should follow:

  • Remember Your Audience: The best content is well-written and relevant to your audience. Search engines are an important but secondary audience. Walker Sands’ content marketing and SEO experts are adept at crafting compelling content that appeals to your target audience and search engines, and positions your organization as a thought leader.
  • Choose Target Keywords: To use SEO for PR effectively, you must select strong target keywords. The keywords you use and how you use them significantly influence where your company and content appears in search results. This makes it critical to be selective when picking keywords. When you engage Walker Sands for PR, we help you choose the most impactful keywords to drive more traffic to your website. We also ensure your target keywords are relevant to your content and audience.
  • Include a Link to Your Website in PR Materials and Placements: It’s important to include a call to action in all of your press releases and background materials with a link to direct readers back to your website. You should also ask reporters if they will include a link to your website in any contributed articles, bios or interviews that you participate in. Some publications have policies that will not allow them to link to other sites, but it’s worth asking. This will improve your search performance and drive more traffic to your website, a benefit of strong PR.
  • Use Themes: Search engines are smart and place a great emphasis on high-quality content and topics. It’s more important to focus on building out the overall theme of your article versus using a keyword frequently. By creating well-written articles with your target keyword mentioned a few times, you can optimize your PR content for search.
  • Promote Placements and Articles on Social Media: In addition to including a link to your website in media placements, you should also promote your media placements and SEO-optimized content across social media, including Google+.

Incorporating SEO into your PR program can significantly improve marketing results. Organizations that take an integrated approach to PR, SEO and digital marketing will increase visibility, lead generation and business growth.

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