SEO Audits and Assessments

Need a comprehensive SEO assessment? If you need an SEO partner that can evaluate your current website and make SEO recommendations, the SEO experts at Walker Sands are here to help. Our SEO audit deliverable identifies current SEO deficiencies in your site and explains the fixes you need to make in order to have your SEO program drive meaningful business growth.

SEO is critically important to achieving your business goals. We believe our SEO assessment will uncover actionable recommendations that can have a quick positive impact on lead gen, as well as define a direction that will lead you to having even stronger SEO results in the mid- and long-term.

Our SEO Assessment Process

The SEO audit and SEO assessment programs we will execute on your behalf will result in an actionable SEO plan for that will improve results on your website, but there’s another important benefit that comes from this project: we explain everything in great detail to increase your in-house SEO knowledge.

Our SEO Assessment Methodology

Conducting an SEO audit is an important first step in developing a strong SEO strategy and good practice periodically to benchmark your current efforts. Effective audits take time. It’s critical to thoroughly evaluate your current website and SEO efforts to make sure they are in line with your business objectives, audience, and goals.

Step-by-Step SEO Audit Process

Over the years, we’ve developed a proven methodology for our audits based on a mix of core SEO principles and your unique business needs. Our SEO audit process is systematic, consisting of several key steps that include:

  1. Analysis and Data Collection: We take a look at your existing site and make basic recommendations for improving the structure, content and layout to immediately improve SEO performance.
  2. Prioritization of Findings: After our initial SEO analysis, we sit down with you to determine your key business objects and goals with SEO. This is an important step in the auditing process that helps us determine which SEO strategies will be most beneficial for your unique business requirements.
  3. Unlocking Insights into Competitor SEO: We analyze the competitor SEO landscape to determine how you can capture more search market share.  
  4. Extensive Keyword Research and Planning: We use advanced tools to determine the most worthwhile keywords and keyword phrases your company should target.
  5. Information Architecture Analysis and Link Analysis: We assess the information architecture and cross-links on your site. The links between pages are an important aspect of your site because search engines use them to discover and rank your pages. After an SEO audit, we recommend steps you can take to improve the information architecture and link structure of your pages.
  6. Content Planning: Content is the backbone of an effective SEO strategy. We audit your existing site content and recommend ways to improve and maximize its impact.
  7. On-Page Change Recommendations: The way you structure on-page content is extremely important to SEO performance. We make sure you are striking the right balance between providing a sufficient amount of content on a page to appeal to search engines and offering a pleasant user experience.

Next Steps for Conducting an SEO Audit

Walker Sands’ comprehensive SEO audits typically take place over a one-month engagement. During this time, our nationally-recognized SEO specialists will work closely with your team to create a customized plan based on your business objectives and current state of your website. The plan will aim to deliver measurable improvements to your search engine traffic.

Once the audit is complete, you will receive a final deliverable that outlines actionable steps for elevating your SEO performance. Our detailed plans are easy to follow. At the end of the engagement, we can equip you to implement the audit recommendations internally or our team of specialists can handle it for you. An added benefit of our SEO audits is your internal team will leave with a stronger understanding of SEO best practices and Google’s algorithm.

The final deliverable is a report that includes an actionable workplan for your team and a detailed walkthrough of our findings and recommendations. At the end of that session, you’ll be an SEO pro — and you’ll know exactly what needs to be done net.

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