Must-Have Edtech PR Tips

As the number of educational technology services, apps and providers continues to grow, edtech PR is becoming a necessity for brands who want to compete in the marketplace. To stand out in the crowd, you need a public relations strategy that rides the bleeding edge of industry trends and engages customers across multiple touch points. 

4 Tips for Successful Edtech PR 

Educational technology encompasses an array of tools to promote learning in classrooms around the world. To be effective, your edtech PR strategy needs to do the same. Instead of focusing on one or two traditional public relations approaches, good PR makes use of several methods to generate buzz for edtech brands and products.

  • A little storytelling goes a long way.  Part of communicating your brand’s message to key audiences is first understanding what that message is. Strong brand messaging differentiates your products or services in the marketplace. Ultimately, your messaging turns into your brand’s story, and should be infused into all aspects of your PR plan. 
  • Be picky when it comes to media outreach. Extensive media outreach is essential to a robust PR program. But for media relations to be effective and generate awareness with the right audience, you can’t take a guerilla approach. Instead of sending thousands of emails to reporters who have nothing to do with educational technology, focus on reaching reporters at edtech outlets who have a vested interest in story ideas that converge with your brand’s most important messages. 
  • Don’t be afraid to use your words.. High-quality content is the center of any successful PR plan, engaging targeted audiences across multiple channels. Data studies, white papers, SEO content, contributed bylines and more are crucial for promoting edtech products and services. 
  • Get social with your audience. Anyone who thinks social media is still a siloed aspect of public relations is kidding themselves. Social media amplifies your brand’s reach and allows you to connect with customers on a deeper level. Proactive social campaigns that regularly monitor platforms like Facebook and Twitter give you opportunities to personally engage with audiences.  

Get Onboard With an Effective Edtech PR Program

Whether you’re looking to grow an existing educational technology company or launch a new product, Walker Sands has you covered. Our integrated, comprehensive approach to public relations and digital marketing includes:

  • Securing features in target educational technology publications like Education WeekEdtech DigestMashable and Forbes.
  • Building messaging and story frameworks for your brand. 
  • Developing robust content marketing strategies with compelling, useful content. 
  • Creating comprehensive social media plans to maximize audience reach and engagement. 

You need an edtech PR strategy that generates results. You need Walker Sands. Contact us today to get started.  

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