Leveraging Data Driven PR for Business Advantage

Data-driven PR is an effective strategy for motivating reporters and journalists to cover your organization. By mining and reorganizing data that your company may already have, it’s possible to create a PR campaign with pitches that have the potential to be picked up by dozens of high value media outlets.

Why is data-driven PR so effective? Reporters and journalists are very adept at creating stories for targeted audiences. But to do their jobs well, they need information in the form of data and statistics. Although it’s possible for journalists to search for the data themselves, in today’s media culture reporters simply don’t have the time to perform deep research on relevant topics.

Instead, most media contacts rely on brands and PR firms to craft pitches around data that already exists and is easily accessible to them. For tech companies, data-driven PR provides quantified support for concepts related to brand, product or industry claims—instantly boosting the brand’s credibility among prospects, investors and industry experts.

Characteristics of Data-Driven PR

Data-driven PR offers several important characteristics for growth-minded technology brands. At Walker Sands, we regularly leverage data-driven PR strategies to give our clients an edge in their industries and in the technology marketplace.

  • Trend Reporting. Media outlets have a soft spot for trend-based pitches. In many cases, trend reporting appeals to an exceptionally wide audience and can have relevance far beyond the confines of your industry or market sector. Data-driven PR creates opportunities for the development of pitches around national and regional trends, making them a perfect fit for a broad cross-section of media targets.
  • Authoritative Weight. Hard data communicates authority to stakeholders across your industry. But the authoritative weight of data-driven PR has a cumulative effect and increases over time, especially if your brand consistently leverages data to drive relevant and insightful stories.
  • Long-Term Value. One of the most important benefits of data-driven PR is that it generates long-term value for your business. Journalists trust companies that consistently deliver data-based pitches and story concepts, and will often provide routine coverage for data-driven pitches that are released at regular intervals.

Partnering with a Data-Driven PR Firm

Data-driven PR requires a nuanced understanding of the media marketplace and not all public relations firms are equipped to help your business leverage data-driven PR for business advantage.

At Walker Sands, we specialize in creating and executing data-driven PR strategies in the B2B and technology spaces, enabling our clients to achieve key business outcomes through the optimized use of data and statistics in a PR context.

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