How to Improve Your STEM Marketing Strategy

For your technology business to shine in a crowded market, you need a STEM marketing strategy that covers all the bases. This requires a team that has mastered not only the ins and outs of marketing and public relations, but also the complexities of the STEM field. 

The STEM Marketing Tools You Need 

A STEM marketing strategy that employs smart tactics across all fronts is a necessity for businesses hoping to stand out in the fast-growing tech industry. You’ll need to maintain a robust presence for your brand on both traditional and digital platforms, which means taking a multi-faceted approach.   

Comprehensive Digital Marketing

Streamlined Web Design – You can’t establish yourself as a STEM leader without a top-notch website. A site that is uniquely adapted to your business requires an experienced design and development team that understands your industry and the user journey. A streamlined, user-friendly web design will highlight what your business can offer, strengthen credibility and generate quality leads. 

Search Engine Optimization – The perfect website means nothing for your business if it can’t be easily found with a quick search. Your SEO strategy should identify and target the keywords people use to find businesses like yours, driving traffic your way with consistent, engaging content. This not only requires an expert analytics team, but knowledgeable STEM writers that can back a tailored content marketing strategy. 

Pay-Per-Click – It’s easy to waste money on an ineffective paid search campaign. For a PPC campaign that works, you need to hone in on the keywords that attract not just clicks, but conversions. This means serving informative ads to highly specific audiences 

Tech-Savvy Public Relations 

Media Relations – Despite the changing media landscape, the backbone of a holistic STEM marketing strategy is still good PR. You need media relations experts who can see past complicated tech jargon to tell your brand’s unique story and have solid relationships with the best tech and business reporters.

Thought Leadership – Chances are, you’re already an expert in the STEM field. A good STEM marketing strategy leverages your knowledge to establish your business as an industry leader. Produce contributed articles for top-tier publications, informative whitepapers and data studies that leaders in the industry can use as resources. 

Top-Notch STEM Marketing With Walker Sands’ Digital Ecosystem 

If your tech business is looking for integrated STEM marketing solutions, you’ve come to the right place. 

At Walker Sands Communications, we know PR. We know digital marketing. And we know all about the complex world of B2B technology.

In fact, we’ve developed the Digital Ecosystem to tackle the challenges of STEM marketing from all angles. Our team specializes in an integrated approach to public relations and digital marketing that delivers real results for our B2B tech clients.

If you’re ready to take your STEM marketing strategy to the next level with the Digital Ecosystem, contact us today. 

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