How to Implement a Solid Marketing Strategy for Software Companies

strong marketing strategy for software companies isn’t as easy as it sounds. Tech marketers have to clearly convey the complexities of their products and services, while fighting for a spot among a market flooded with new technologies. To stand out, you need to take your brand’s marketing strategy to the next level. 

4 Steps for Developing a Quality Marketing Strategy for Software Companies

It isn’t enough to get a few placements in a trade publication to achieve maximum brand exposure. A good marketing strategy for software companies requires a multi-platform approach backed by an experienced, talented team that can turn the spotlight toward your company and products. 

  • Tell your brand’s unique, personal story. Too many tech companies make the mistake of giving in to overly technical jargon in their communications. While you need to explain exactly what your software offers, don’t forget to personalize your marketing efforts. Tell the story of how your software has changed businesses for the better. Also, weigh in on broader conversations in your industry to establish yourself as a thought leader.
  • Understand who is buying your product. When it comes to software, the buyer journey isn’t always obvious (especially for B2B companies) because the user isn’t necessarily the one making purchasing decisions. A marketing strategy for software companies might target buyers, users, purchase influencers and even the C-suite. You need to develop thorough, accurate buyer personas that guide your web design and digital marketing process to ensure you’re reaching the people who actually make buying decisions. 
  • Invest in social media for the long run. It’s easy to build a Facebook page, but it’s harder to master the platform. You need to commit to investing time and money in your social strategy. While many companies quickly dole out social media responsibilities to part-time interns, use an experienced, talented communicator that can effectively represent your brand. 
  • Employ a steady, consistent SEO strategy. Like social media, SEO is not necessarily a quick and easy endeavor. A robust online presence comes gradually. Don’t abandon your SEO efforts if you don’t see immediate effects. To get real results, you need consistent keyword research and shareable content that will cement your website as an information hub and boost rankings on search engines. 

A Marketing Strategy for Software Companies That Really Works

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Walker Sands has mastered a strategy we call the Digital Ecosystem, integrating digital marketing with traditional public relations to deliver powerful results for our software clients

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  • Media Relations 

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