How to Choose an SEO Firm

Setting up a results-driven search engine optimization campaign often starts with selecting the right SEO firm. There are over 22 billion Internet searches conducted every month in the United States, and your business deserves to earn its full share of that massive search pie. By partnering with experienced SEO consultants, a formal SEO program can yield a slew of benefits beyond just a higher Google ranking.

Key Factors to Look for in an SEO Firm

A quick Google search for “SEO firm” yields over four million results and nearly as many companies to choose from. Here are the key factors to look for when considering an SEO firm:

  • Ability to Generate Meaningful Results: History repeats itself. When vetting SEO firms, look at their past performance and case studies. SEO is different for every company and results will vary, but it’s important to assess previous work to gauge how the company will support you. SEO is an ongoing journey, not an overnight fix. Ultimately, the firm you choose should be able to serve as a long-term partner that will evolve with your company’s needs.
  • Strong Content Capabilities: Content serves as the foundation of any successful SEO program. Crafting valuable content that matches your business goals, plays nice with Google’s standards and compels readers to convert, however, is no small feat. Keep an eye out for firms with established content development programs; review past writing samples to get an idea of how they matched clients’ tone and voice.
  • Measurement and Tracking: Make sure the SEO firm measures and tracks performance on an ongoing basis. Again, SEO is a constant pursuit. The best way to guarantee continued results and identify ways to improve your program is by conducting regular benchmarking. SEO strategies should be flexible, not fixed. Monthly and quarterly reporting encourages an adaptive approach to SEO.
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research: Getting in front of the right audiences means understanding what those audiences are searching. Look for an SEO firm that relies on systematic keyword research, not just guesswork, to help determine what search terms are most relevant to your industry and geographic markets.
  • White-Hat Practices: There are a number of tactics businesses can take to ramp up their SEO programs, and a slew of flawed get-ranked-quick strategies that try to beat the system or trick search engine algorithms. Find out if the firm you’re looking into adheres to any particular SEO code of conduct, or promotes compliance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Next Steps for Engaging an SEO Firm

SEO can be a critical route to growing your business in both size and scope, but finding the right firm to help you navigate that path is a challenge in and of itself. As a leading SEO and digital marketing agency, Walker Sands has years of experience creating thoughtful, actionable SEO strategies. Our SEO consultants offer a range of services, from planning and keyword research to monitoring and competitive analysis. If you’re on the hunt for an SEO firm and partner, give us a call today at (312) 267-0066 or fill out the form on this page.

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