High-Impact Marketing Collateral

With so much attention being given to online marketing strategies, there is a tendency to neglect the quality of marketing collateral. At Walker Sands, we know better than to ignore our clients’ collateral. Despite what you may hear marketing collateral still lands sales, especially when it is intelligently coordinated with your company’s other online and offline marketing efforts.

Technology hasn’t erased the need for quality collateral. If anything, it’s made the need for quality collateral even more important by reinforcing the branding and messaging that form the foundation of a solid strategy. Walker Sands’ team of seasoned marketing specialists partners with our clients to design high-impact marketing collateral that integrates with your company’s strategic goals and processes.

  • Sales presentations. Sales presentations are “do or die” moments. When a big sale is hanging in the balance, you need a presentation that differentiates your company from the competition without crossing the line into the absurd. We routinely work with sales teams to design presentations that highlight value propositions and reinforce brand strengths.
  • Product data sheets & brochures. Brochures and product data sheets are portable sales tools. Whether you’re heading into a tradeshow or email marketing campaign, your need eye-catching materials that feature great content and can be distributed in either print or .pdf formats.
  • Folders. Folders? Absolutely! Folder designs come into play when you distribute marketing materials to prospects or media contacts. While most folders are thrown into a slush pile, exceptional folder designs capture attention and invite the recipient to take a closer look.
  • Newsletters. Newsletters are informative selling tools. Although the purpose of a newsletter is to inform your customers and prospects about issues that are important to them, a good newsletter can also improve brand authority and increase the ROI of your website or online mailing list.
  • Direct mail. A lot of companies have shed direct mail in favor of online marketing strategies. But the companies that continue to conduct direct mail campaigns know that the migration toward online marketing channels has created more space in the marketplace and resulted in higher direct mail success rates than ever before, especially for companies that outsource direct mail design to proven firms.

Although Walker Sands is known for our online marketing expertise, we haven’t abandoned the marketing strategies that made us Chicago’s leading PR and marketing firm. Call us today and learn how we can transform your marketing collateral into first-rate selling resources.

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