Electronics Marketing Tactics You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Digital tactics are the backbone of an effective electronics marketing strategy. As competition heats up in the tech industry, you must not only perfect your product, but your marketing efforts. This means mastering an arsenal of digital tools so that your message – and company – stand  out from the competition.

3 Digital Electronics Marketing Tactics You Can’t Overlook

Digital electronics marketing can be overwhelming for managers and even C-suite executives. From the beginning, identify your audience and solidify your brand’s story. Once you’re digging deeper, there are a few critical tactics that might be easy to overlook, but will change the game for your business. 

  1. Email Marketing – Email is still an essential part of any successful electronics marketing strategy, even though it’s often passed over for flashier tactics. However, email marketing done well has an incredibly high ROI, because many customers prefer to be contacted by companies through email. Email marketing presents a useful opportunity to create ongoing relationships with customers and prospects.

  2. Content Marketing – Quality content creation is key to establishing your company as a thought leader in the tech industry. Share knowledge to build credibility and generate publicity. Engaging, consistent content will also enhance your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), which means more traffic and more sales leads. To stay ahead of the competition, invest in data studies and white papers that demonstrate your industry expertise.

  3. Social Media – Social media isn’t an option any more, it’s a necessity. If your brand doesn’t maintain a strong social media presence, you’re already behind. Identify appropriate platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with customers and weigh in on relevant conversations. Social media is also a good place for brand content because it can be easily shared by others. But don’t be fooled. Social media is no easy task. A successful social media strategy relies on an experienced team that can devote the time represent your brand.

Not sure where to start with your electronics marketing strategy? Don’t sweat it. Walker Sands has you covered. 

We specialize in digital marketing solutions for clients across the B2B tech industry. Even the best marketers can’t help if they barely understand your business. That’s why you need a partner that is passionate and knowledgeable about tech. 

Walker Sands suite of services includes:

  • Content strategy and creation
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