Corporate Communications

You rely on communication materials to reach and influence your target markets, including customers, investors, employees, suppliers, and others. Communications help you deliver your key messages, present the facts, raise awareness, mobilize energy, and motivate action.

What We Do For You

Walker Sands can assist you with preparing and delivering all of your corporate communications, including:

  • Annual Reports. Your annual report is a critically important document for your company. Using world-class writers and designers, we can oversee the creation of your annual report to ensure that it presents a strong, accurate and credible case for investment in your company. Alternatively, we can be a member of the “supporting cast” and simply review your annual report to ensure that it is consistent with your overall communications objectives.

  • Brochures. Good collateral materials can make the sale. They tell what a product is, how it works, and why it adds value. Our writers excel in creating brochures that get customers interested and move them towards a purchase decision.

  • Web Site Content. As we enter the new millennium and access to the Internet becomes ubiquitous, your web site and its content become a critical component of your connection to the marketplace. We offer content development services that ensure that your key stakeholders visit your site, get the information and messages you want them to, and keep coming back.

  • Press Releases. Many PR firms gets you “50% there” with their first drafts of press. You end up doing most of the writing yourself. We get you “95% there” with a well-written first draft that is compelling and intriguing to target journalists, and ultimately delivers excellent media coverage.

  • Company Newsletters and Magazines. Monthly or quarterly newsletters to your employees and customers can be an invaluable communications vehicle. We produce professional newsletters with captivating writing and attention-grabbing presentation. We assist with everything from story planning, research, interviewing and writing through to design, layout, printing and mailing.

  • Audiovisual Materials. We are continually amazed at the effectiveness of videos to communicate messages to key audiences. Show a recruiting video to candidates and they are ready to sign up. Send out a video press release and see it on CNN the next day. Bump up sales performance with a training video. We assist you with all aspects of content preparation, from initially defining your objective through to script writing and oversight of final production.

  • Articles. Thoughtful articles written by company executives can draw attention to your company and its products. We position your executives as industry experts by assisting with the preparation of company white papers and bylined articles.

  • Speeches and Presentations. High-impact presentations translate into new customers and growing businesses. To deliver the most powerful speeches and presentations that you can, tap into our talented writers and designers for assistance.

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