Competitive SEO Analysis

The #1 position in Google’s results gets 33% of the traffic. If you’re down on the list, or not on the list, it’s your competition that is likely benefitting — with more site traffic, more leads and more revenues from search.

When it comes to SEO, everything is relative. Where you stand in the search engine rankings, relative to the competition, is all that matters.

So what’s the competition been doing on the SEO front? It’s time to find out. Let us prepare a comprehensive Competitor SEO Analysis for you that explains how competitors are doing relative to you and what they’ve done that’s clever (or stupid). When we’re done, you’ll know exactly what they are up to, where you stand and what you need to do to win.

Reverse Engineering Your Competitor SEO’s Success

Here’s how it works.

We start with a baseline assessment of you and your competitors that isolates and identifies who is showing up for what key phrases. They show for X, you show for Y. We create a list of key phrases for which they’ve currently got you beat and we ask which ones you care about.

Based on the keywords that matter to you, we reverse engineer the SEO presence of competing firms that are ranking well for the highest-priority phrases that you want to rank for.

We may find, for example, that the company that ranks #1 for a given phrase has 50 pages of useful content dedicated to the topic and a popular tool that has allowed them to get many good inbound links. Or, we may simply find that they are executing better on SEO fundamentals. Insights like these help us to understand what it takes to rank for a given phrase and serve as a key input to the recommendations you’ll get as part of our Competitive SEO Analysis.

Occasionally, we find that competitors are gaming the system with unethical SEO tasks, which then allows us to report them to Google, correct the problem and level the playing field.

Benefits of Competitor SEO Analysis

So, what can you do with knowledge, understanding and insights regarding your competitor’s SEO activities?

With a good SEO analysis of the competition, you can:

Move Up in the Search Engines. Improve your own SEO to take back the search engine rankings that the competition now owns. We give you a how-to manual on how to leapfrog them.

Feed Your Paid Online Advertising Program. The key phrases that your competition is chasing for SEO are often terms that should be used in your Google Adwords campaigns and in your other PPC campaigns and social advertising programs. Feed your competitor keyword lists to the online advertising team and reap the benefits of a more expansive PPC program.

Supercharge Your Content Marketing Initiatives. Your content marketing team will be delighted to get this Competitor SEO Report. It will give them great insights for their content marketing editorial calendar, and that new content, in turn, will help you rise in the search engine results.

Discover Your Competitors’ Business Priorities. Because SEO specialists and SEO agencies hired by your competitors are (or at least they should be) executing in alignment with business objectives, we sometimes stumble upon competitive intelligence concerning competitor business strategies that our clients were not previously privy to.

How to Prepare a Competitor SEO Analysis

No need to do this on your own. Turn over the job to us and you’ll have a great SEO Competitive Analysis prepared by the digital marketing experts who lead our Chicago SEO agency.

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