Chicago Web Design Expert on Web Site Lead Gen

We see it way too often. A company invests time, energy and resources in a visually appealing website that underperforms when it comes to website lead generation.

Although the causes for underperformance can be many, the results are a web strategy that flounders to gain its footing and a leadership team that is hesitant to make changes for fear of losing the few leads they have managed to attract.

One of the major barriers to effective lead generation is the confusion between information and content. Great content is clearly informative. But when the business overplays an informative site strategy, conversion-focused content falls by the wayside.

If there isn’t a noticeable difference between your website and your brochures, your site isn’t maximizing its lead-generating potential or incorporating many of the attributes that are common in high conversion websites.

Attributes of a Good Lead Generation Website

Our Chicago web design experts have considerable experience in boosting web site lead gen results for our clients. Here are a few things that come into play as you attempt to get more leads from a website:

  • Traffic. To some degree, lead generation is a numbers game. If your site isn’t generating decent traffic, you will never hit your lead generation benchmarks. Walker Sands is a leading Chicago SEO company. We have the people and resources you need to take the critical first step of raising your site’s online visibility with leads and prospects.

  • Trust. Your site also has to build trust with visitors as quickly as possible. How do you do that? By giving visitors the information and resources they’re looking for in a friendly and navigable user interface. The content on your site has to be carefully written in your customers’ language and reinforce the benefits your business has to offer.

  • Engagement. High converting websites are intentional about integrating engagement mechanisms throughout the site. Since the main point of your site should be to encourage visitors to take the next step, you can’t underestimate the importance of design strategies that make it easy for them to submit contact information. Simple contact forms are the norm, but you should also consider sweetening the deal by attaching a free report, discount or other promotion to each submission.

  • Results. At the end of the day, the most important characteristic of a good business website is that it gets results. Web design and SEO can be moving targets that require a level of expertise that is beyond your in-house knowledge base. Business website consultants like Walker Sands can fill in the gaps and maximize the ROI of your online investments.

If your site isn’t generating the number of leads it should be, it’s time to do something about it. Contact our Chicago web design company today and let us help you get better results from your online presence.

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