Benefits of Using a Custom CMS

A custom CMS can elevate a good website to great. In today’s always changing, digital-first business environment, a tailored content management system ensures that your company can stay nimble and make adjustments at a moment’s notice.

When you work with Walker Sands, you gain access to our proprietary, custom CMS that makes content and website management easier and more efficient for your marketing team.

Why You Should Use a Custom CMS

There are endless options when it comes to off-the-shelf CMS solutions, but many are not tailored to your organization’s unique business requirements and marketing needs. These typically closed programs offer little flexibility in terms of structure or workflow, and may demand technical expertise that only a few employees have. Here are some of the benefits a custom CMS can bring to your organization:

  • Complementary Design: A CMS shouldn’t dictate your firm’s web direction and digital marketing efforts. A bespoke CMS can be adapted to your firm’s specifications, with features and processes that complement your current lead generation campaigns, content goals and internal processes, rather than obstruct them.

  • Empowered Marketing Teams: Each pre-configured CMS solution comes with its own interface and user functionality. In some instances, only the IT department or a select few employees might have the necessary experience and technical background to work within the confines of an off-the-shelf program. With a customized CMS, however, you can create a user-friendly program that both marketing and tech teams can navigate through for even the most advanced design changes.

  • Increased control: Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and experimenting with new online lead generation tactics and content programs are necessary steps to growing your business. An off-the-shelf CMS isn’t programmed to keep pace with your internal innovation. Marketers can rely on a tailored CMS to scale with their initiatives, whether that means integrating new APIs, using more multimedia content or automating parts of the conversion process.

  • Configurable Metrics: A CMS houses loads of valuable insights related to web traffic, engagement and conversions – but not all CMS solutions can apply that information to your company’s precise goals. Whether you’re trying to zoom in on specific call to action performance, downloads or clicks, a custom CMS allows you to track the metrics that align best with your business. In turn, this enables simpler benchmarking and a faster way to gauge if anything on your site needs to be fixed.

Your company website and the content on it can be some of your organization’s strongest assets. Reaping the most value out of both starts with selecting the right CMS foundation. Rather than limit your team to the capabilities of an off-the-shelf solution, it may be time to consider a custom CMS that’s adapted to your exact needs.

If you’re considering a customized CMS for your website, Walker Sands is here to help. Having invested heavily in our own proprietary CMS, our team understands the importance of a solid content management infrastructure and the impact it can have on your business. Fill out the form or contact us at 312-267-0066 to learn more about our website CMS offering.

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