Worth the Win: Getting the Most out of B2B Awards

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In today’s B2B world, awards are more than just something to brag about at holiday gatherings. In addition to boosting internal morale, it’s proven that awards have the ability to measurably impact a B2B company’s success. In fact, a marketing research study conducted by Boost Awards showed that 82 percent of business decision makers are influenced by awards when choosing a B2B product or service for their company. Despite this evidence, the time-consuming process of researching and applying for award consideration can lead many businesses to question if the self-confidence boost is worth the investment. Here at Walker Sands, we have found that with the right help, award wins can take your business to the next level.

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More Than a Participation Trophy

Relationship-building is the foundation of B2B. For a company to succeed, it needs to be seen as dependable by clients, partners, employees and the media. Clients are entrusting you with their business and hoping that your expertise can help further their success. Award wins are often among the first pieces of information a potential client sees online when conducting this research, so having impactful and publicized wins can help build credibility with prospective clients. This is where Walker Sands comes in. As PR professionals, we know how to identify and secure the awards that will most dramatically accelerate your positive positioning in the market. We will guide you through the nominating process for your company and will identify specific products and individual employees deserving of these prestigious accolades.

In addition to external benefits, awards can have a positive internal effect for B2B companies. Award nominations and wins help validate the hard work employees are doing to make their company successful. A history of substantial award wins can make you a more attractive employer and can help bring in high-caliber employees that may not have sought you out otherwise. By raising the bar in terms of recruited talent, your company can achieve greater productivity and effectiveness overall.

Finally, media coverage is crucial to helping a company gain clout in its industry and amongst peers. Award wins help you establish yourself as an expert in the field – making you a trusted source for reporters to tap when they need thought leadership commentary for their story. With public relations outreach, this credibility can lead to top-tier media placements and more exposure for your company, a win-win for everyone involved.

Be Strategic

Not every award is worthwhile. When researching potential awards, think about your company’s goals. If your end game is to recruit new employees, workplace recognition related to office culture will be most valuable. If you’re trying to bring in new business, the awards you nominate yourself for should be focused on the categories that will matter most to potential clients and highlight the services they need. Unfortunately, narrowing these awards down can take time. Here at Walker Sands, it’s our business to understand the needs of your business and provide measurable results. From the Wall Street Journal’s “Next Big Thing” to E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year, we have a proven track record of helping our clients secure awards that positively impact their recruiting, product positioning and ROI.

Winning Isn’t Everything

Winning is just half the battle since awards are only useful to a company when people know about them. Companies typically receive some degree of free publicity as a result of wins thanks to award announcements, but to really maximize the impact of the award, more targeted coverage is necessary. Over the years, Walker Sands has established relationships with media outlets that cover B2B industries. Our professionals can help capitalize on your wins through expertly-crafted press releases, blog posts, social media announcements and strategic media coverage.

How We’ve Helped

We love to see our clients be recognized for the work they do. Here are some of the prestigious awards we have helped secure for them:

  • Wall Street Journal’s “Next Big Thing”
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year
  • Inc. 500/5000
  • Deloitte Fast 500
  • E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year
  • BtoB Magazine Top Agency
  • CNN’s “Coolest Gadgets of the Year”
  • Crain’s 40 Under 40

Winning valuable awards takes time, and without expert guidance the process can feel like a distraction from the important work your company is doing. With our help, this doesn’t have to be the case. Contact Walker Sands today to learn how best to approach award nominations and maximize the benefits of your well-earned wins.


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