5 Ways to Land a Tech PR Job

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So, you want to be a tech PR rockstar?

We’ve all been there. Either you’ve got some experience and you’re looking to make a move into tech PR, or you’ve got very little experience and you’re looking to break into the industry. Common sense and gusto can get you further than you might expect. Here are five tips that will help you land your dream tech PR job.

1. Be knowledgeable

It’s important. Like, really important. Know the technology of our clients, know the technology around you. Walker Sands has offices in Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and Atlanta, so our technology landscape is rich and fertile. Know everything you can about our agency, and the other agencies you’re targeting. If you’re asked what inspires you about the possibility of working with us, and in this field, be ready with a compelling answer.

2. Be motivated

You’ve done your research and pinpointed what agencies you’d like to target. You reach out, and we reach back. But then, you disappear. What’s the matter? Did we scare you with a response? If you’re reaching out, and we respond, let’s keep that conversation moving. It’s really remarkable how many people make that first step and then retreat. Please don’t – you’ve already made it past the first cold, and in some cases, difficult step.

3. Be innovative

Lots of great (junior) candidates have little to no practical tech PR experience. That may sound like a barrier, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re innovative in your approach. Wow us with your website, your social media, your podcast, your writing, your enthusiasm. Offer up more information about what you’ve done in your free time so that we may be able to apply it to our agency’s employment needs. You never know what we’ll deem relevant, interesting or innovative. So, don’t hold back.

4. Be careful

Every bit of communication with us counts. Which is why even the smallest email is important from a grammar and punctuation perspective. If you’ve made a sloppy error simply because you’re “only writing to the HR person,” you’ve sorely miscalculated how much we look at the little things, too.

5. Be willing

Sometimes it’s not all that glamorous. But, we’re all in this together. The best agencies with fabulous company culture would all agree that we’re the most successful when we’re working as a team. So have a great attitude, offer your expertise, empty the dishwasher, share stories on social media. Basically, go the extra mile. That “can do” attitude is noticed and appreciated. Each and every time.

Guess what? We’re hiring. If you’ve got 1-5 down pat, reach out. Let’s chat.


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