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Finding the Best Way to Showcase Healthcare Tech PR Content

Elizabeth Snell

Elizabeth Snell

When you fall in love, you want to “shout it from the rooftops,” right? Let the whole world know how you feel? Well, it can be a similar feeling (okay, maybe not quite) when you have a great idea for your healthcare tech client. So how do you properly showcase that fantastic healthcare tech PR content?

It’s not just about writing press releases and getting key interviews for top tier media outlets – although those can definitely be important aspects to a larger content strategy. Good PR and marketing teams know to dig a bit deeper and ask the right questions (i.e., what is the end goal?) to decipher the content code.

For example, let’s say that you have a client in the healthcare cloud space. If they conducted a survey on hospital data security needs, how should the results be published? Is a blog post enough? Maybe your client says they want an eBook, but is survey data enough for that? Once you understand what the content options are, and in what situations some work better than others, you can be sure to find the right outlet for your healthcare tech clients.

Understand the different types of content

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the types of content that you can create, but it is a good starting point to understand what might work best.

  • Press release – This is a good option when you’re announcing a new company hire, launching a new version of a product or piece of software or have acquired another firm. You can get a quick hit over the news wire, and maybe have some media outlets run the news in syndication or give a short write up of the information.
  • eBooks – The key thing about eBooks is that they need to tell a story. They can be great for outlining action plans, or directing customers on how to approach a certain problem (i.e., 5 Steps to Improving Your Healthcare Disaster Recovery Plan).
  • Bylines – Bylines are ideal in thought leadership campaigns, or for when you want to get the company name out there but interviews are not an option. Clients can discuss topics in a vendor-neutral way to establish themselves as industry experts. Depending on the outlet, you could even write a series, publishing pieces monthly or quarterly.
  • White papers – White papers are good content options for providing in-depth information on complex issues. Similar to an eBook in that it can present a company’s suggested approach to a problem, it might not be as long or detailed.
  • Podcast – One of the newer content options, podcasts are great for companies that can dedicate the time to fleshing out a corporate podcast. Make sure that this is something your client’s customers would listen to and that your clients can provide value in their respective space.

Why the type of content matters

Now that we’ve reviewed the different types of content, you might be wondering, “Does it really matter what we choose, as long as it gets published?” It absolutely does! Picking the right type of content for your target audience is critical.

Depending on the audience your client is trying to reach, one type of content might be more successful than others. Additionally, the desired outcome can impact your decision. For example, does your client want leads? Then perhaps gated content is the right approach. Or, is your client’s CEO trying to establish a thought leadership campaign? In that case, a bylined article could be a better approach.

Picking a type of content because it’s “all the rage” or what “everyone in healthcare” is doing, is not the smart approach. If you’re not taking the time to see where your audience is, or research what they’re actually reading (or listening to), the content can easily be overlooked.

Whether you need help developing your content marketing strategy itself, or just want some guidance on the direction to take your content, reach out to Walker Sands for key pointers.