Website Redesign: 10 Questions to Ask

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When we buy milk at the grocery store, it has an expiration date. We know when that gallon of milk is past its prime.

Determining when a website is past its prime is a different matter altogether. There’s no expiration date per se, but there are a number of things that might suggest that you are overdue for a website redesign.

If you are wondering whether it may be time to redesign your website, ask yourself these ten questions.

The key to redesigning a website is to avoid procrastination. While it might seem like a ton of work to create a new and improved site, web site design companies such as Walker Sands will do most of the heavy lifting.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll start accruing the benefits of your new website…and the faster you’ll limit the damage that is being caused by your current site.

Are there other questions you think ought to be asked before a company undertakes a site redesign initiative? If so, post them as a comment below. We also welcome any advice you have to offer on how to effectively redesign a corporate website and on how to get buy-in from management that a website redesign is in order.


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