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How to Squeeze the Last Drop of Value from Your Content

Tim Morral

Tim Morral

B2B content marketing can be brutal. In the race to capture larger audience share and achieve important online objectives, brands are relying on content to deliver a competitive advantage. But with everyone playing the same game, most brands quickly find themselves struggling to keep pace with the marketplace, rather than leveraging content for real growth.


Here’s the problem: a successful content strategy hinges on your ability to consistently pump out large quantities of high quality content. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a marketing team bursting with top-notch content creators, that’s no easy task.

So for most B2B brands, the simple reality is that you need to make every piece of content your create count-and whenever possible, squeeze extra value out of the content you have already created.

Increasing the Value of B2B Content

Although it may seem like your brand is coming up short in the content race, the vast majority of B2B firms have a stockpile of existing content at their disposal. The key is to mine that stockpile for pieces of content that can be repackaged in ways that are useful and relevant to target audiences.

For example, a well-written white paper can easily be repackaged into a series of contributed articles. Specific sections of contributed articles can be massaged into blog posts. Key insights from blog posts can be quickly converted into social media posts.

You get the idea “¦ rather than constantly struggling to create new content from scratch (time-intensive and costly), explore opportunities to occasionally repurpose messaging from existing content (faster and more efficient).

Here’s how to get started:

1.       Know Your Stockpile

The first step toward improving the value of your content is to gain a better understanding of the content that currently populates your company ecosystem. This includes content that lives online as well as materials that have been archived on servers or other internal repositories.

Consider performing a content audit to uncover existing content across all locations. Content audits performed by experienced digital marketing agencies can also identify key messages and potential gaps in your existing content library.

2.       Coordinate with PR and Marketing Teams

Close coordination with PR and marketing teams is essential for deriving maximum value from the time and resources you invest in content creation. Professional PR agencies specialize in culling multiple messages and promotional opportunities from single pieces of content, and can generate additional value by ensuring that your content is seen by the right people at the right times.

3.       Think Multi-Purpose Out of the Gate

It’s called a content strategy for a reason. One of the best ways to improve the value of your content is to strategize multiple uses for your content before you create it. Although it’s too late for the content that is already in your stockpile, consider how you can create content that can be used for multiple purposes on a go-forward basis.

It’s never easy to create enough high quality content to satisfy the cravings of key audiences. But by adopting a smarter approach to the creation of new content and the re-use of existing content, you can give your brand the edge it needs to stay ahead of the game.