How to Generate ROI with Integrated B2B Marketing

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Generating revenue from marketing efforts is one of our most important tasks as B2B marketers. Not only do we need to meet the hyper-personalization requirements of our audiences, but also the expectations of the internal stakeholders counting on our programs to grow the bottom line of the business. With new technologies and a growing number of marketing channels to take advantage of, a strong integrated marketing strategy is key to building programs that effectively generate ROI.

When done right, an integrated marketing approach allows you to leverage various channels to move customers efficiently though the buyer journey and create a seamless customer experience. However, without a solid strategy in place, multi-channel efforts can become disjointed and prove ineffective in yielding the ROI benefits you’re aiming for.

Our latest resource, The Ultimate Guide to Generating ROI With Integrated B2B Marketing, was designed to show you how to successfully integrate your brand, demand and event channels to generate immediate ROI for your B2B organization. Complete with a proven methodology for setting your strategy, along with tactical tips for integrating your channels and optimizing you tech stack, this e-book will help you:

  • Establish impactful brand positioning – Before you can start realizing a return from any of your channel efforts, it’s imperative to understand how your brand stacks up to the competition. With a solid brand foundation and well-defined unique value proposition, you’ll be able to build an impactful messaging and call-to-action (CTA) strategy that can be consistently carried through each of your channels.
  • Define your audience and set clear goals – Along with strong brand positioning, identifying the audiences that best fit the pain points your business solves is key to building a successful integrated marketing program. Once you’ve identified your target audience(s), this resource will help you set measurable goals aligned to business objectives so you can build campaigns that address them.
  • Integrate your channels to increase ROI – An integrated approach allows you to deliver tailored messages to your audience regardless of where they are, giving you the greatest opportunity to increase ROI. We share tactical tips for integrating each of your brand, demand and event channels to move buyers from awareness to acquisition and enhance pipeline efficiency.
  • Activate your tech and data for optimal attribution – Multi-touch attribution provides a holistic view of how your channels are working together to drive conversions and revenue. With the right martech systems and solid measurement infrastructure in place, you’ll be equipped to identify the channels tied to marketing success and optimize your strategies over time.

Ready to build an impactful integrated marketing strategy? Download The Ultimate Guide to Generating ROI With Integrated B2B Marketing to get started or contact us to learn how Walker Sands can help you accelerate growth with integrated solutions tailored to your unique business needs.


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