How to Build a Digital Ecosystem that Generates More Leads

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While B2B marketing channels have changed, business goals have largely stayed the same: more leads, more sales, more growth.

But while the opportunities presented by this new marketing landscape are palpable and well-documented, B2B businesses are still asking some good questions that touch on the daunting nature of the task at hand:

  • How do we generate measurable business results?
  • How can we pull customers to us without pushing a salesy message?
  • What channels should we focus on?
  • How can we get it all done with limited time and resources?

Nebulous results, an evolving customer, and the explosion of new channels are certainly challenges. But those businesses that get to work on solutions will leave those that ignore them in the dust.

Build Your Digital Ecosystem

B2B companies need to leverage specific channels to reach the right audiences within a unified marketing framework. We call this framework the Digital Ecosystem model. The channels used in this model can include any combination of digital and traditional publications, search advertising networks, and social media. And at the center of this ecosystem is your company website, which must be optimized for usability, search and lead capture.

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When your digital ecosystem is fueled with quality content that is on-brand and speaks directly to the interests of your audience, your business will be handling leads at every marketing touchpoint. As your marketing strategy is executed, you might be surprised by the way different channels begin to amplify the overall impact of your brand, resulting in

Greater brand awareness. Your prospects will come to recognize and feel comfortable with your brand as they notice it appearing in media outlets, social feeds and their inboxes.

Heightened credibility. When you give your audience informative and useful content, they will naturally consider you a thought leader in the industry.

Increased conversions. A thriving digital ecosystem doesn’t only deliver more leads; it cultivates better leads that are further along the marketing and sales funnel than prospects contacted through traditional sales methods.

We’ve seen first-hand that digital ecosystems succeed when multiple channels are flourishing together:

  • Nation in Motion, a program created by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), saw organic search traffic to its website rise by 1120% in just one year thanks to a combined approach to SEO, content management and digital strategy.
  • Echo Global Logistics, a leading transportation management provider, enjoyed a 750% increase in annual organic search traffic over three years and a 300% increase in conversion rates through a blended digital, content, SEO and PPC program.
  • Electronic Commerce, Inc. (ECI), one of the fastest growing technology companies in the U.S., saw search traffic increase by 243% only six months after the launch of an integrated digital strategy and SEO campaign that included an award-winning website redesign.

Walker Sands has built digital ecosystems for these clients and many more. To learn how to build a digital ecosystem that generates leads for your B2B business, download our e-book: The Complete Guide to Building a Lead-Focused Digital Ecosystem.

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