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Four Things Everyone With a Website Should be Doing Daily

San Nayak

San Nayak

to do list for a website

We all have some routine work to do every day for various things but do you have one for your website? Your website needs attention and if it is left unattended then it might hinder your business. I suggest doing these things everyday to your website.

  1. Check Analytics – This is a must to do everyday, if you check the previous day’s analytics summary then you will have a glance on various things like, number of visitors, sources of referrals, any up and down trends, top keywords driving traffic and your most viewed pages. You can prioritize things needed actions and updates based on regularly monitoring your analytics.
  2. Monitor Website Performance – This is something no one should neglect. We all can expect a website to be running but we can never be sure of the performance until we see the numbers. Bad performing websites will have negative impacts on your business, this is the reason why you should monitor your website on a daily basis. You can take care of things that you notice from your performance report.
  3. Attend to your Contacts – Make it an everyday practice to respond to your inquiries. By doing this you will increase the network and you will be considered a trusted organization across the people in your niche. Don’t forget, a website generates a lot of emails where visitors express their experiences on various things from the website.
  4. Track your feeds that are syndicated and check the feeds or auto run content that you are showing on your website – Do you check your feeds after you update your website? The content that you are syndicating might be having trouble due to some weird characters. It is better to check your feeds that are posted to social media websites directly because that has visibility to many people and you will remain ignorant to those problems if you don’t crosscheck regularly. Do you have any kind of feeds or autorun content on your website, like current news from your industry, recent events, job opportunities, etc? If you do then you should spot check those pages everyday. The service may go down for maintenance for hours or even days, which can reflect very poorly on your website.