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Digital Tactics for Improving Short-Term Lead Gen: Part 2

John Fairley

John Fairley

In his 1996 essay, Bill Gates famously declared, “Content is King,” Decades later, the phrase still rings true. Rich content – such as vendor selection guides, whitepapers and research reports – can help set your business apart from the competition. Not buying it? Take, for example, an e-book Walker Sands developed for Dotcom Distribution, a leading e-commerce logistics and fulfillment provider. In just six months, the e-book generated more than 2,360 pageviews along with 547 downloads, many of which represented new leads for the business.

The secret behind such results is putting the right piece of content in front of the right audience at the right time. That’s where an integrated digital marketing approach can make all the difference. From segmented keyword analysis to optimized landing pages, part 1 of our series highlighted a couple of digital tactics we use to help our clients target audiences at specific points in the sales cycle – and ultimately improve short-term revenue. Here are two additional tactics that can accomplish more of the same.


Have you ever visited a website only to see an ad from that particular brand pop up while browsing the internet later on in the day? That’s the beauty of remarketing. While you may wish to believe otherwise, not everyone who visits your website will convert. And that’s ok. Remarketing is all about reconnecting with mid-funnel prospects that have interacted with your brand at least once before. They know what your business does and how it can help them, so no need for introductions.

Leverage the power of remarketing to bring potential customers back into the fold and push them toward rich content that leads to a quick conversion. Since these prospects are in the middle of the sales cycle, you’ll want to provide information that leads to a purchase decision rather than focusing on pain points that are more relevant during the awareness phase.

Email Marketing

At first glance, email might appear to be the most convenient way to reach potential customers. After all, more than a third of Americans check their email throughout the day. But when you consider the dozens or even hundreds of emails prospects receive a day, one thing becomes clear – sending an email is easy, but getting lost in the shuffle may be even easier. At Walker Sands, we develop email marketing campaigns that help our clients stand out from the competition.

It all starts with a segmented user list. Divvying up your email list based on industry, job title and other relevant variables will make it easier to decide which piece of content you should include in an email. The right message delivered at the right time could be all the encouragement prospects need to engage more deeply with your brand.

Both remarketing and email marketing can help convert your prospects into customers. But if you need revenue – and fast – an integrated digital marketing strategy is the way to go. Download our white paper, “How to Increase B2B Leads by 70% in 90 Days: 4 Digital Tactics for Improving Short-Term Lead Gen,” to learn how we can help your business achieve key revenue goals within the next three to six months.