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Digital Tactics for Improving Short-Term Lead Gen: Part 1

John Fairley

John Fairley

Leads are the lifeblood of business. Trying to close sales without them is like trying to catch fish with your bare hands. Sure, you may have success from time to time, but chances are you’ll come up empty more often than not. Wondering how to consistently generate leads? Content development is a good place to start.

From case studies to tip sheets, rich content pieces can provide prospects with the information needed to make a purchase decision later down the line. But just because you’ve churned out content doesn’t mean it’s time to kick up your feet and watch the leads come rolling in. Whether you’re looking to boost business ahead of an important board meeting or quarterly earnings report, integrated digital marketing is key to improving short-term revenue.

With years of experience in digital marketing, Walker Sands knows what it takes to get you leads sooner rather than later. In fact, our clients see an average 70 percent growth in leads in the first 90 days. Here’s a look at a few of the digital tactics we use to get results.

Segmented Keyword Analysis

When it comes to targeting specific audiences, few tactics are more effective than segmented keyword analysis. Not only can it help your business grab the attention of mid-cycle prospects, but it also opens the door for more focused landing pages and media campaigns. To begin reaping these rewards, browse your website’s product pages and service offerings for a few minutes. While you’ll probably notice a few key themes, there may be other areas where you’re missing keywords that are relevant to your audience. That’s where segmented keyword analysis can help.

Tools like Google Keyword Planner are designed to help you identify potential opportunity keywords that can make content more visible to your target audience. Better yet, you’ll get in front of those audiences at the right time in the sales cycle, thereby increasing your chances of a conversion.

Optimized Landing Pages

Too many prospects and not enough leads? Optimized landing pages can work hand in hand with segmented keyword analysis to help change that. When prospects click on a search result or online ad made apparent through segmented keyword analysis, they usually arrive on a landing page. The design and layout of that page can go a long way toward determining whether prospects complete a form or leave without providing any contact information.

One way to boost the success rates of such landing pages is by developing effective calls to action (CTA). Position multiple CTAs throughout each landing page so that prospects have as many opportunities as possible to convert. Yet another optimization strategy to consider is A/B testing. From content length to the color of the landing page, testing a wide range of variables should give you a better idea of what’s driving conversions.

Looking for more ways to generate leads? Download our white paper on, “How to Increase B2B Leads by 70% in 90 Days: 4 Digital Tactics for Improving Short-Term Lead Gen,”  and check out part two of our series on effective lead generation strategies.