2022 MarCom Awards Recognize Walker Sands for Integrated Marketing, Research and Social

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At Walker Sands, our goal is to produce programs that embrace creativity and drive real results for our clients — whether we’re activating strategic integrated campaigns, creating compelling data reports or implementing innovative social programs. 

The MarCom Awards recognize creative marketing campaigns that produce excellent results, and we’re honored to receive three awards this year in the integrated marketing, research/study and Twitter engagement categories. 

Here’s a recap of our teams’ award-winning work:

commercetools’ “The Naysayer” Campaign Blasts Newcomer Commerce Platform Into the Retail Market – Platinum Award, Integrated Marketing

In a market full of legacy platforms, commercetools, the cloud-based, headless commerce platform, needed to gain brand awareness and establish credibility. commercetools teamed up with Walker Sands to bolster its reputation among non-technical business decision-makers in the U.S. and EMEA as a flexible and forward-thinking brand.

The Walker Sands team created a video campaign featuring actor Will Arnett as the “Naysayer.” This character represented legacy platforms that reject new ideas and stick to traditional commerce plans, a strategy that contradicts commercetools’ values. This campaign spanned various channels and directed viewers to a landing page that provided more information about commercetools’ business strategy. These channels included commercetools’ existing social media platforms, its new Twitter presence, out-of-home advertising, digital display and social advertising, and media relations.

The Naysayer campaign immediately captured attention for its creativity — on its first day, the campaign received three feature placements. The campaign also yielded a 95% positive brand sentiment on social media and a leap in share of voice from 0.4% to 4.2%.

The Naysayer videos also delivered impressive results, including 62 million impressions, 407,000 clicks and 11.7 million views across Google Display, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Search and YouTube. And viewers significantly engaged with the campaign’s video content  — Naysayer videos posted a nearly 30% engagement rate and a 55% completion rate on the first day.

The Naysayer campaign not only boosted commercetools’ reputation in the retail space, but solidified the brand as a viable competitor against legacy platforms.

Great Payments Disruption Campaign Elevates Entrust’s Profile in Payments Industry – Platinum Award, Research/Study

Entrust, a provider of secure payments and digital infrastructure, wanted to solidify itself as a thought leader during a period of change in the financial services industry. 

Entrust turned to Walker Sands’ PR and content teams to elevate its profile in the payments space and secure coverage for company content. To reach the target audience of media outlets and key payments industry leaders, our team conducted proprietary research that captured consumers’ thoughts on the disruption in the payments space. Specifically, the survey measured consumers’ sentiments around mobile and contactless payments, working with challenger banks and disruptors, and how trust and security are changing loyalty to bank or card brands.

Survey results informed a 15-page research report, The Great Payments Disruption, as well as a virtual roundtable discussion and three blog posts. From there, the PR team conducted media outreach to earn coverage in key trade and top-tier publications.

Screenshot of a page from Entrust's Great Payments Disruption report

This content campaign resulted in 114 media placements in publications including The Green Sheet, Mobile ID World, Global Fintech Series and InfoSecurity Magazine. Throughout the partnership, our team generated awareness for the research report, amplifying Entrust’s insights on the state of the payments space and establishing the brand as a leading voice in the industry.

Tessian Leverages Brand Personality to Increase Engagement With Twitter Microcontent Program – Gold Award, Twitter Engagement

Messaging in the cybersecurity industry can sometimes seem dry and uninspiring. But cloud email security platform, Tessian, was breaking the mold with its bold brand voice. When Tessian needed to boost awareness and further engage with CISOs, industry influencers and cybersecurity professionals, the brand turned to Walker Sands to conduct a strategic Twitter program to leverage its unique voice and drive engagement.

Playing off Tessian’s existing brand voice, our team developed a witty, yet informative persona for the brand to engage target audiences on social. Using social listening tools, we identified discussions in the cybersecurity industry on topics like phishing, email security, CISO woes and human error, uncovering opportunities for Tessian to contribute to the conversation. The brand’s approachable persona, coupled with the use of GIFs and niche humor, enabled Tessian to engage its audience of CISOs and cybersecurity professionals with relatable, engaging content.

Graphic of metrics from Tessian's social program alongside a screenshot of a Tessian tweet

Within three months, Tessian saw significant improvements on Twitter, including a 5.2% increase in share-of-voice and a 12% increase in positive brand sentiment. The program also yielded 49,370 impressions and 1,441 engagements. In addition to increasing engagement, our team showcased Tessian’s unique brand personality, while simultaneously establishing the brand’s cybersecurity expertise.

Congratulations to our creative teams and clients for their incredible work. Get in touch to learn more about how Walker Sands’ teams can help your business reach its B2B marketing goals.


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