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12 Weeks to a Killer Content Campaign with Walker Sands’ Content Plan Template

Courtney Beasley

Courtney Beasley

There is a lot you can accomplish in 12 weeks. If you’re the adventurous type you could get ripped with P90X. Or you could play it safe and make your boss happy with the completion of a successful content campaign. We vote for the latter.


It’s no secret that content is being consumed every day at all moments. Everywhere you look someone has their nose tucked into a smart phone, tablet, or computer. It’s inescapable, and now more than ever B2B companies are using this influx of consumption to better market and align their brands.  However, there is a big difference between lead generating, brand building content and content that is not making the cut.

We all know the big guys like Oracle, IBM and Salesforce are killing it when it comes to their content. But, without effective creation, promotion and management these brands would not be at the forefront of their industries. Not only are they producing engaging long form content, but they are marketing and promoting it in a way that sticks and is generating response.

How can you be among those who are creating and promoting content that works? You need to have a plan.

Walker Sands’ 12 Week Content Plan Template is a week by week breakdown of the steps needed to create a successful content campaign. We use this plan in house and with clients and it has shown results for both.

The plan is broken down into three different phases: initial research, content creation, and promotion. Think of it as your go to check list for every promotional project. We know how good it feels to check off items on our to-do lists, which is why we added this feature as well as a progress bar to track your completion.   We’ve taken out all the guessing, and laid out all the steps you need for a successful content campaign.

With the right content, in the right places, marketed to the right people, you have the ability to convert leads and increase sales.

So while we can’t guarantee you perfectly toned abs in 12 weeks, with the 12 Week Content Plan Template we can guarantee a simple pain free campaign that produces the results you want.

Content Campaign Planner

Download your copy of the 12 Week Content Plan Template by Walker Sands here.

Happy Planning!