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Walker Sands Takes Home 2022 AVA Digital Awards for Web and Digital Marketing Work

At Walker Sands, we’re proud of our ability to create B2B websites and digital marketing programs that drive real business results. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that the work and expertise of our web and demand generation teams have earned our agency a platinum and two gold AVA Digital Awards in 2022.

The AVA Digital Awards recognize excellence by creative professionals in the planning, concept, direction, design, and production of digital communication — a well-deserved recognition for our teams’ work on three award-winning projects.

Accelerating Sendbird’s Growth With Optimized Paid & SEO — Platinum Award

Sendbird approached Walker Sands for assistance with personas, paid advertising and content, with the goal of helping the brand better connect with its audience and increase revenue. After identifying the need for a more sophisticated tracking and integration, Sendbird also looked to Walker Sands to play a key role in its Marketo standup, which included optimizing lead scoring, establishing integrations for paid campaign tracking, and advancing data enrichment and integrity.

To optimize Sendbird’s paid program and SEO strategy, Walker Sands implemented tracking across demand generation campaigns to gain visibility into what was sourced and influenced by paid efforts. The team also pushed Sendbird to consider various promotional angles based on customer pain points. These angles guided the development of content and creative deliverables that resonated with the brand’s audiences, including industry-specific guides, white papers, live webinars and more. 

Armed with new content and greater visibility into performance, Walker Sands launched hundreds of new paid campaigns — constantly testing and optimizing them to maximize performance. Walker Sands also developed a content and technical SEO strategy to improve Sendbird’s search rankings, which included ongoing SEO health check reports. In addition to crafting new, optimized pages for Sendbird’s website, the team provided guidance around CTAs, meta descriptions, broken links and keyword research.

As Sendbird’s needs evolved, Walker Sands remained a valuable strategic partner, ultimately leading to impressive results over a 16-month period including $6.4 million in pipeline from 342 influenced opportunities, $2.5 million in pipeline from 250 sourced opportunities, +59% increase in organic search conversion rates and 4,028 MQLs. Read the full case study here.

Mock-up of digital ads for Sendbird's Chat API Buyer's Guide

Ensono Website Redesign — Gold Award

Long-time PR client Ensono engaged Walker Sands to expand its marketing services into demand generation and web with the goal of achieving a significant increase in MQLs. With a deep understanding of Ensono’s brand, industry and current website challenges gained over the course of a five-year partnership, our team executed a website redesign to improve UX, CRO and SEO via a three-phrase strategy: 

  • Web strategy, UX/UI development: Using inputs including three web personas, SEO audit, stakeholder conversations and best practices for B2B websites, we developed a navigational sitemap and 15 wireframes to inform how users move through the site.
  • Creative execution: With the wireframes, sitemap and keyword research as the foundation, our team created three homepage concepts to inform the site’s design, totaling 15 web templates, 34 pages of content and 125 images.
  • Development: Our team migrated and redirected the site’s old content to the new user-friendly CMS build in WordPress. The refreshed templates created a more engaging user experience with case studies and gated resources for lead capture. Additionally, using D&B data, the team created custom blocks personalized by region and industry to better target users with relevant content.

The result was a smooth launch, sleek design and powerful site with goal completions up nearly 70% and an increased conversion rate of 46% over the prior year — supporting Ensono’s ultimate goal of increasing MQLs.

Before and after screenshots of Ensono's website pre and post redesign

Wheels Website Redesign — Gold Award

Wheels needed a website that would not only deliver a fresh new look but provide a well-performing site. The automotive fleet leasing and management company partnered with Walker Sands to execute a website redesign that was optimized for search and provided educational content for its customers, ultimately driving more traffic to the site.

Our team worked to transition the company to a new WordPress CMS, which enabled seamless integration of content and updates as the company evolved. Several wireframes were crafted to house new educational content pages, which our team ensured were optimized for search. The team also implemented data tracking which informed reporting and recommendations month to month, including relevant content opportunities, competitor analysis for SEO, analytics, and other monthly KPIs that could be adjusted based on client priorities.

Our efforts resulted in a more efficient site for Wheels, with content that was optimized and streamlined for their audience — ultimately contributing to a 138% YoY increase in organic traffic.

Mockup of Wheels' redesigned website

Congratulations to Sendbird, Ensono, Wheels and our team members on the success of these web and digital marketing projects. Contact us today and let’s start a conversation about how Walker Sands’ results-driven marketing expertise can impact your business.

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