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Walker Sands Hosts Second Annual City Wide Scavenger Hunt

I love scavenger hunts. I love organizing them, I love participating in them and what I love most of all is when a bunch of Walker Sands employees get together and enjoy one.

Scavenger hunts are great for many reasons. They’re a fun way to inspire a little competitive spirit. They shake up the office and help employees get to know team members they might not work with on a daily basis. And they introduce people to the hidden side of Chicago, a city that is certainly worth exploring.

This year’s company scavenger hunt took our teams to places like Fulton Market, the Loop, the beach, Lincoln Park and more! The day ended at our downtown office, where teams enjoyed a hotdog truck and refreshments while I tallied the scores. Team Nope came away with the win, but I’d say everyone was a winner because they all got to participate in a scavenger hunt. Did I mention I really love scavenger hunts?

Here are a few of our favorite challenges from the event:

Build a sandcastle at the beach

Walker Sands employees at the beach

Find someone featured in that day’s Chicago Tribune (one team found Jorge Lopez of Shoe Drop)

Jorge Lopez wearing blue denim shirt and apron

Enjoy a brownie at the hotel where the dessert was invented – the Palmer House

5 Walker Sands employees in front of the Palmer House in Chicago

Find $1 million (and feel like a million bucks while doing it)

Photo of 3 people in front of a cube of money

Show off your PR chops by getting behind the desk of a major Chicago news station

Six Walker Sands employees behind the CBS news desk

Use iconic L signs to spell out ‘Walker Sands’

Walker Sands spelled out using letters from the Chicago L signs

Visit some of our favorite local food trucks

Selfie of two people in front of a red food truck

I’m glad to say everyone made it back in one piece, and we’re all already looking forward to next year’s scavenger hunt.

Curious where else our teams visited? Check out #chifind16 on Twitter and Instagram. Or, interested in hosting a scavenger hunt of your own and want to see the clues we used? Let me know!

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