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Walker Sands Elevates Two Vice Presidents to Lead Operational and Technological Sophistication

Over the last several years, we’ve taken significant strides as an agency toward advancing the organizational maturity of Walker Sands. From launching a new professional services automation application to building an integrated technology stack, we’ve remained focused on building a strong corporate team with best-in-class tech and operations to help fuel our rapid growth.

One of Walker Sands’ key focus areas for 2021 is to continue to improve sophistication through standardization, which is why I’m excited to announce the promotion of Dion Manly and Sandeep Goswami to vice president roles. These two leaders have been instrumental in taking our agency to the next level through operational excellence and technology innovation, and their appointment to the senior leadership team will allow for a continued track record for growth in the years ahead. The operations and IT initiatives being led by Dion and Sandeep will ultimately lead to better service delivery and more value for our clients.

  • Dion Manly, Vice President of Operations – Dion joined Walker Sands in 2018 and rose to the challenge in spearheading the selection, implementation and launch of our new professional services automation application, which drives significant operational performance improvements for Walker Sands. He is also leading our current effort to implement the Professional Services Maturity Model™ framework to assess agency performance, identify improvement initiatives and structure annual planning efforts. As Vice President of Operations, Dion will focus on streamlining processes and optimizing systems to enable our service teams to deliver great work for our client partners.
  • Sandeep Goswami, Vice President of Engineering and Technology – Since joining Walker Sands in 2018, Sandeep quickly demonstrated his technical leadership by effectively introducing several key technologies and leading the integrated ERP implementation to drive agency growth. He has also been instrumental in evolving Walker Sands’ information systems, custom software applications, business data and analytics platforms while building and maintaining a robust IT infrastructure. As Vice President of Engineering and Technology, Sandeep will continue to lead new technology research and development to strengthen our technological capabilities, while playing a strategic role in our future growth by exploring new product offerings rooted in technology.

Dion and Sandeep have played critical roles in the growth of not only our operations and IT teams, but of Walker Sands as a whole as they work to meet the needs of our growing agency. Their innovation has made a significant impact on Walker Sands, and I’m excited to see how they’ll continue to propel the agency forward.

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