Program Highlights

  • 150+ media placements over four months
  • Launch of the brand in the United States with opening of New York office
  • Campaign paved the way for $15 million Series B round of VC funding
  • Key features: The New York Times, Fast Company, GigaOm, CNN Money, Yahoo! Advertising Blog, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Forbes and others

Trademob Data-Driven PR Campaign

German Mobile Ad Tech Startup Successfully Launches in the U.S. with Data-Driven PR Campaign

Trademob is a mobile app marketing platform based in Berlin.

As one of Germany’s fastest growing startups, Trademob boasts an impressive portfolio of clients that includes Universal Music, eBay Classifieds and other major players in the mobile marketplace.

The Problem

Trademob needed to launch its brand in the U.S. to acquire market share and become the top-of-mind solution for mobile app marketers. The company planned to open a U.S. headquarters in New York City and wanted to make a splash in the press that coincided with the brand’s introduction to the mobile marketing industry in the United States. Trademob engaged Walker Sands in September 2012 to develop a PR strategy that would drive awareness of Trademob’s solutions, which are designed to protect app marketers from click fraud and optimize their campaigns.

The Solution

ThreatMetrix PR CampaignTo launch the brand in the U.S., Walker Sands built a strategy centered on data Trademob had found on the rate of fraudulent or erroneous “fat-fingered” clicks on mobile advertisements. Because of Trademob’s extensive partnerships with ad networks and publishers, they had access to data not available to these individual groups and visibility into the implications for the industry as a whole.

Walker Sands worked with Trademob to comb through the information and break it down according to the elements with the most news value. Walker Sands developed newsworthy messages to accompany the study that positioned Trademob as a thought leader in the mobile marketing field.

The result was a clean, easy-to-digest study that could be pitched to reporters and editors at technology, advertising/business and mobile marketing publications. Based on an analysis of more than 6 million data points, it is one of the most comprehensive studies ever conducted in the space. The report found, in part, that 40 percent of all clicks on ads from mobile devices are either fraudulent or accidental.

Armed with the data study, Walker Sands conducted a PR campaign throughout fall 2012, pitching media outlets that would be instrumental in raising Trademob’s profile among target audiences.

The Result

The Trademob PR campaign resulted in more than 150 media placements through January 2013, including key features in GigaOm, CNN Money, VentureBeat, TechCrunch and Forbes. Fast Company and the Yahoo! Advertising blog also referenced the Trademob study. The New York Times and Business Insider covered the opening of Trademob’s New York office.

In addition to capturing the attention of media outlets, the study has been cited by industry leaders such as Deloitte. Global research firm Gartner Inc. contacted Trademob for permission to include study findings in future reports.

Most importantly, Walker Sands’ work resulted in high profile, international name recognition for the Trademob brand and instant credibility in the U.S. mobile marketplace. The exposure achieved through the campaign also helped Trademob secure $15 million in VC funding and played a contributing role in the company’s growth from 50 employees in 2012 to more than 100 employees as of early 2013. Trademob was also named a finalist for TheNextWeb’s German Startup of the Year Award.

Based on the success of the campaign, Walker Sands is now the lead public relations agency for Trademob in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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