Media Training

Well-spoken thought leaders are the vehicles to building your company’s brand and establishing competitive differentiation. Interacting with media is a highly specialized skill that requires special training. 

Walker Sands has a proven process for working with your executives to help them perform at their best and improve success rates during interactions with important audiences, including media and analysts.

What We Do For You

Our media training services span basic prep before each interview to full-scale, in-person courses centered around your team’s needs. Some of the assistance we provide includes:

  • Message Refinement. We help you define your company's most important messages, simplifying even the most complex concepts into simple, coherent and understandable points. Your final messages will be authoritative, well-supported and distinct from your competitors.
  • Consistency Audit. We take steps to ensure that all your spokespeople are delivering exactly the same messages to the market. Before interviews and meetings we prepare Q&A documents that provide recommended answers to questions you are likely to receive, as well as suggested talking points specific to your meeting and the necessary background on your interviewer.
  • Customized Training. For those who are new to public relations, we provide training on introductory skills that prove invaluable in mastering new spokesperson responsibilities – covering everything from news value to the different types of interviews and stories. For more seasoned, savvy executives, we hone and polish presentation delivery skills vital to effective communication including body language, tone and speaking in soundbites.
  • Role Play and Preparation. Our mock interview sessions simulate the types of interviews, TV segments and press conferences you’re likely to encounter as a spokesperson. We then provide you with feedback that allows you to improve your performance.
  • Materials Assistance. We can assist with creating your presentation or writing a speech. Our staff of writers and graphic designers are highly skilled at ensuring we meet your communication objectives with compelling materials that will resonate with your target audiences.

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