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PKM Website Redesign and Development

Walker Sands develops optimized website that increases traffic and conversions.

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Porter Keadle Moore (PKM) is an Atlanta-based boutique accounting and advisory firm that specializes in the finance and banking, insurance and technology industries. Personalized service is PKMs point of differentiation, but unfortunately, its outdated and slow-to-load website didn’t deliver on this promise.

Walker Sands provided a new fully optimized website that increased traffic and drove leads.

web traffic increase

conversion rate increase

Google SEO score

The Challenge

PKM needed a completely new website with a fresh, clean look that would provide a brand experience that lived up to the quality of its services. Just as important, the new site would need to be optimized for search, lead generation and mobile-first responsiveness.

The Solution

We started by building custom WordPress templates, rather than using off-the-shelf templates that contain unnecessary embedded codes that weigh a site down and can take twice as long to load. These custom-built templates feature intuitive HTML semantics and optimized content structure that improve PKM search results.

Our next step was to create concise, compelling copy that speaks to PKM’s value proposition and addresses the pain points of its targeted clients. To facilitate quality results, our content strategists defined user personas and created customer journey maps for each of PKM’s industry specializations and core service offerings.

To create a customized, modern and personalized look, we sent our art director and photographer to Atlanta to take photos of PKM staff at work. We also created video testimonials featuring long-term PKM clients.

The Results

PKM’s new website looks dramatically different from its legacy site and has been well received by clients, prospects and internal stakeholders alike.

“Not only did the Walker Sands team keep us on track to have the project completed on time, but they were extremely responsive and accommodating to us every step up the way. We are more than pleased with the way the site turned out, and have had nothing but positive feedback.” — Shannon Hamilton, Marketing Director

More importantly, the site is easy to use, optimized for search and drives qualified site traffic and leads. As a result, PKM continues to see strong increases across several KPIs:

  • 16% web traffic increase
  • 112% conversion rate increase
  • 100 Google SEO score

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