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How to Create a Digital Strategy

Digital strategy gives B2B firms an edge in the race to capture the attention of prospects and leads in today’s crowded online marketplace. Across all industries, the best B2B brands are leveraging digital business strategy to improve revenues, increase visibility and achieve other objectives that are critical for business growth.

But far too often, B2B companies fail to fully tap into the their digital potential because they confuse digital tactics with a comprehensive digital strategy. Like any other organizational resource, your digital presence needs to be carefully planned and coordinated. While tactics are important, a random string of ad hoc activities can’t deliver the level of outcomes you will achieve with a digital business strategy.

Creating a Digital Strategy

The development of a robust digital strategy should be a high priority for all B2B brands. Without a digital business strategy, your company’s digital assets will be underutilized and the outcomes you achieve from digital channel investments will be anemic, at best.

Most leading B2B firms outsource digital strategy development to an experienced agency like Walker Sands. Although the details of your digital strategy need to be tailored to your organization’s unique needs and business objectives, there are several characteristics that are common in all first-rate digital business strategy development initiatives.

  • Alignment of Goals with Business Objectives: Your digital strategy should closely align digital assets with business objectives to create meaningful business results.
  • Range of Digital Outcomes: Although digital strategy is largely focused on marketing outcomes, the right digital business strategy can have a positive impact on non-marketing dimensions of your organization as well (e.g. better employee communication, improved workflows, etc.).
  • Flawless Implementation and Execution: Most B2B businesses aren’t executing their digital strategy as well as they think they are. Walker Sands provides an objective third-party assessment that identifies areas for improvement and allows you to realize the full potential of your digital business strategy.
  • Comprehensive Digital Integration: For maximum impact, digital assets need to be integrated with each other and with other areas of the business-not treated as independent silos.
  • Robust Performance Metrics: At Walker Sands, we place a heavy emphasis on using the right metrics to measure the performance of your digital strategy and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Whether you know it or not, your digital strategy is either helping or hindering your business. As a full-service digital agency, Walker Sands offers the resources and expertise to ensure that your digital business strategy is driving growth and significantly contributing to your organization’s success.

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