The Importance of Share of Voice

Your company’s share of voice is its presence in the social conversation as compared to the competition. Measuring it is an effective way to gauge the relative success of your brand.

Knowing the share of your brand mentions in your industry gives you a strategic advantage, and it allows you to identify measure your impact, identify opportunities and implement strategies to increase your brand’s influence online.

Tips to Improve Share of Voice

Conversations related to, surrounding and about your brand can occur across several digital platforms. A close watch of blogs, social media and forums can help you discover those discussions and target the right consumers.

Along with tracking what people are saying, keep in mind three strategies that can lead to an increased share of voice.

  1. Narrow Your Segment Search – Share of voice can become overwhelming if the segment or industry you’re focusing on is too large. Instead, try narrowing your searches down to particular areas of interest among your customers. Discovering the top competitors enables you to figure out what portion of the market they’re attempting to influence. You can then decide if you want to compete for that portion or tailor your messaging to target a slightly different audience.
  2. Build Your Online Presence – Once you have a clearer picture of what consumers are talking about, develop a strategy that allows you to actively participate in the conversation. But it doesn’t happen through simple tweets or statuses. Sharing relevant, memorable content will help you contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way.
  3. Engage Your Audience – Happy customers tend to cultivate positive conversations, which will increase your brand’s share of voice. To keep those conversations going, try offering them new product information and asking them for their opinions. Online engagement can also help you demonstrate your company’s concern for fans of your products or services. If a customer is having difficulties, work with them to shift the conversation from a negative to positive outcome. The result will be another satisfied customer and brand advocate, which will translate into positive share of voice.

Share of Voice: Join the Conversation with Walker Sands

At Walker Sands, we know how important share of voice is to your brand’s success. Our PR experts are experienced in developing and executing PR strategies that help your brand begin, cultivate and grow conversations that leave a lasting impression on key audiences.

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