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Natural Link Building to Improve Your Search Engine Performance

Links from websites are the currency of search engine optimization. When your business website earns links from news sites, social media and other websites, Google interprets each link as a signal of quality, useful content. Earning links from high-quality websites is a proven, effective way to elevate your website’s position in search engine results. Inbound links also spread brand awareness and drive more traffic to your business website.

The Walker Sands link-earning program increases the number of links from sites that pass the most value to your site. The program has four components: identifying link opportunities, content development, media outreach and tracking & reporting.

Identifying Link Building Opportunities

The first step to a focused link-building program is identifying the right outlets for your content and audience. We review the media outlets that have published links to your site in the past, outlets that have linked to your competitors, as well as previously unleveraged outlets that speak to your industry and audience. In our analysis, we prioritize the outlets that will pass along the most authority to your website through a link. The weighted scores we assign each outlet allow us to establish priorities and lay out the strategy of your link-building program to get the most results.

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to know that links raise your site’s search ranking. Walker Sands recognizes how important links are for online visibility and we help our clients adapt their approach to include the link building strategies that deliver higher search rankings in today’s Internet climate. We always recommend the following:

  • Blog. A company blog can be a link-generating machine. By submitting your blog to directories for syndication, it gains visibility and increases the potential for inbound links. More importantly, consistent blog updates create organic search traffic that can then be leveraged for link sharing opportunities.
  • Social media. The basic formula for success in link building is that more online exposure inevitably leads to more links. These days, it doesn’t make sense to ignore the power of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It costs nothing to participate in online social networks, yet these sites allow you to distribute content to a broad base of online users, which ultimately multiplies the number of links to your site.
  • Directories. Remember how we said that directories aren’t as effective as they used to be for link building? When it comes to general directories, that’s true. But micro, niche, and industry directories still have value and many times these directories allow for key phrase link backs. Walker Sands’ web marketing team is well versed in niche directory strategies and we would be more than happy to help your business identify the directories that have real link building potential.

Link building isn’t something that can simmer on the backburner. If you lack the time or expertise to conduct a link building campaign for your site, contact Walker Sands, Chicago’s leading web design, and marketing firm, to learn how we can help build links and create a more powerful online presence for your company.

Content Development That’s Link Worthy

Not long ago, it was possible to grow an effective backlink profile using only company news, press releases, and a large number of low-quality links such as blog comments. But changes to the Google algorithm and the growing sophistication of media outlets have made that strategy not only obsolete, but also counterproductive. (Google will actually penalize your website.) There are no longer any shortcuts or loopholes. To succeed with your link-building program, your B2B business must develop quality content that editors will feature on their websites.

Walker Sands is your partner in content development and distribution. Our writers and designers create engaging content that gets coverage. Whether it’s an independent data study or a report on industry trends, intriguing content assets will always be in-demand.

Media Outreach

Many digital agencies talk about using public relations and media outreach to earn links, but they simply lack the media contacts, experience and news savvy to get it done. In addition to our digital and content capabilities, Walker Sands is an award-winning PR agency, having won awards such as “Best Use of PR in a Search Campaign” from the US Search Awards. With our PR pros working with editors to get your content in the news, your website will draw more traffic and rank higher on Google as a result of quality links from authoritative media outlets.

Tracking & Reporting

Measurement, analysis and reporting are fundamental to the success of your link-earning program. Using trusted tools such as Google Analytics, as well as proprietary tools like our in-house placement tracker, we track and measure the impact of every link in every media placement for your business. This information allows us to not only report on the ROI of the program to date, but also continually optimize the program going forward.

Let’s Improve Your Site’s Search Engine Performance

With the Walker Sands link-earning program, your B2B business can improve the authority of its website, thereby moving higher in search results, drawing more qualified traffic and increasing brand awareness through coverage in trusted media outlets. Our proven, methodical approach to improving your website’s page rank while increasing traffic taps into every one of Walker Sands’ specialties: SEO analytics, content development, and public relations.

Get in touch with our team today, and let’s raise the profile of both your website and your B2B brand.

Visibility is a core objective of every online marketing strategy. If your company is going to be competitive in today’s marketplace, you need a visible online presence that includes a highly trafficked company website. Unfortunately, a good business website isn’t a field of dreams even if you build it the masses may not come, at least not until you have optimized it for search engines and systematically generated inbound links.

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