Why Does a B2B Marketing Agency Care About Voter Registration?

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Happy National Voter Registration Day!

Each year on this day, a nationwide network of volunteers and organizations deploys a massive, multimedia effort to reach tens of thousands of eligible voters, registering nearly 4.7 million voters since the day was founded in 2012.

While you might be a little surprised to see this holiday on a B2B marketing agency’s blog, today is all about celebrating civic engagement, as well as the transformative power of communication and technology — something we know all about.

How We’re Participating

To celebrate National Voter Registration Day, our WS Votes Committee is hosting registration drives today in our Chicago, Boston and Seattle offices, as well as virtually for our remote employees.

During these events, Walker Sands employees will be able to check their registration status, register to vote, and ask any questions of our committee members, a group of employees dedicated to driving voter engagement and turnout at our agency.

Why This Matters

Like we do every day for our clients, National Voter Registration Day uses targeted, strategic communications to remove barriers and educate people about a complex and often confusing topic.

At Walker Sands, we strive to embody our values of Learn, Support, Do both in and out of the office. So it’s important that our curious, action-oriented employees feel equipped with the resources and opportunities they need to exercise their rights — no matter where in the U.S. they call home.

Interested in how you can get involved? Check out the National Voter Registration Day website for more information.


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