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You know you are a social media addict when…

Rachel Wilkie

Many of us social media aficionados thrive off of our online communities, sometimes thinking about our next move hours in advance. Well, I am here to pose the question: at what point does it cross from mere entertainment – to addiction…

You know you are a social media addict when:

  1. You start texting/thinking in #hashtags
  2. Facebook/Twitter updates are the first thing you read in the morning (who needs the news?)
  3. Your self-worth is correlated by the number of retweets that week
  4. You have photo shoots (by yourself) for a “facebook” profile picture
  5. You are more comfortable with IMs, DMs, wall postings and tweets then an in-person conversation
  6. You refresh your social networks for new messages/updates multiple times within 60 seconds
  7. Pictures aren’t for scrapbooks or memories, they are for twitter and facebook (duh!)
  8. You are slowly becoming ADD, meaning you can’t sit still without your iPhone, Driod, iPad or mobile device to entertain you (let’s not even talk about when your battery dies…)
  9. All of your worldly knowledge and news updates come from a blog posting or twitter update
  10. You actually say the letters “LOL” in your regular conversations
  11. You have given up on proper grammar in emails and messages a long time ago (especially when it comes to “u” and “2”)
  12. Your first response to breaking news is to craft an intriguing update via your social networks
  13. You used to have plants… but now they just take too much attention
  14. Random letters and numbers start to have meaning to you
  15. You spend more time with social media then your family (oops!)
  16. You put the @ symbol to address someone in an email
  17. The fail whale causes you to refresh the page 287878 times
  18. You start to imagine the sound of DM pings (hopefully this happens to other people…)
  19. You direct people to your facebook profile/ twitter – instead of giving them your number
  20. You belong to more Social Media sites than extracurricular organizations
  21. All of the blogs/twitters/facebooks you update start to give you a mini identity crisis
  22. You “multi-task” and have no shame checking your social networks in mid conversation
  23. You find out your best friend’s birthday through facebook
  24. You still hang on to that MySpace account (it will make a comeback someday – right?)
  25. You agree with many of these points in secret – then retweet it