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You Built Your Company Social Networking Campaign – Now What?

Kim Lucio

For business, social media can be one of the most effective ways to get your information out to a digital market. Instantaneous tweets, status updates, and blog posts can make you visible to clients you didn’t even know existed. But after launch, how do you keep up with the constantly updating World Wide Web?

Scheduling is Key

When running a company blog, do yourself a favor and make a schedule of the days of the month you plan to post. Besides having a reminder of when to write, this also gives your blog a balance. Readers will appreciate that you steadily update information, and your blog will become part of your work routine. If you feel that you are running low on blog ideas, write down a list of things your readers should know about your brand or niche. Having keywords and ideas written down helps when trying to formulate a potential topic.

Make Your Facebook Page Interesting

Of all of the social media outlets, Facebook can seem like one of the biggest struggles of them all when it comes to a company page. Try to veer away from just having posts come from other social media sources. Instead, try to get your audience engaged in what you are saying. Ask yourself: what makes having my audience be my Facebook friend different from having them follow me on Twitter or read my blog? Having contests and giveaways on your page helps keep people engaged, so this could be a great opportunity to reach out to your Facebook community.

Keep Your Tweets Relevant and Regular

A company Twitter is a great idea to reach out to your clients and customers. However, having someone regularly tweeting is critical for success. Try to make the tweets interesting enough that people will want to come back for more. Retweet articles that are relevant to your niche, and ask questions from time to time. This helps you measure how much your fellow tweeters are engaged in your tweets and keeps the conversation open between you and others.

Whatever social media outlet you prefer, you will find that practice makes perfect in your approach. In the beginning, posting and updating at different times will help you to see when you get the best responses and clicks. Follow Walker Sands on Twitter here.