Program Highlights

  • 60+ media placements
  • Key coverage in Ad Age, VentureBeat, Washington Post, Forbes, Direct Marketing News, Marketing Profs, PR Daily, Social Media Today, MediaPost and Internet Retailer
  • Drove 4,000 website visits, including 1,000 directly from press coverage
  • Generated 100 white paper downloads directly from press coverage

YesMail Research-Based PR

Email Marketing Solutions Provider Generates New Business And Industry Recognition With Research-Based PR Campaign

Yesmail Interactive is a leading provider of enterprise email marketing solutions that seamlessly integrate mobile, web and social channels. The Yesmail Market Intelligence tool tracks, collects and analyzes real-time marketing campaign data across eight digital channels, providing clients with insights into industry best practices and the performance, channel strategy and target audiences of competitors.

The Problem

As a growth-minded digital marketing solutions firm, Yesmail wanted to highlight its position as a thought leader in market intelligence and showcase its ability to leverage technology in the development of cross-channel brand insights. Specifically, the Infogroup company was interested in using data from its new Yesmail Market Intelligence tool to generate additional exposure and drive new leads to the company website.

The Solution

Walker Sands worked with Yesmail to develop a targeted media strategy around the company's "Using Digital Market Intelligence to Drive Multi-Channel Success" report. The study examined the digital marketing campaigns of 20 top retailers to measure consumer engagement, brand following, and the most effective days and times to launch campaigns via email and social media.

Using its proprietary Yesmail Market Intelligence tool, Yesmail tracked and analyzed each retailer’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and email campaigns over a three-month period to assess how effective they were in driving consumer engagement.

The study found that most major retail brands were launching campaigns on days and times that showed relatively little customer engagement For example, the analysis revealed that Facebook campaigns achieve the highest level of engagement on Tuesdays, yet that day ranked fourth in terms of when brands actually launched campaigns.

Over an expedited six-week time-frame, Walker Sands leveraged the white paper to provide reporters and bloggers with insights specific to their industries. Walker Sands targeted top-tier business publications, tech outlets, marketing trades, niche vertical outlets and blogs—nimbly exploiting the differences in audiences and business value each type of outlet was capable of delivering.

Over the course of the campaign, Walker Sands crafted pitches around new data angles for each vertical, including:

  • The days of the week and times of day that result in the most customer interaction for social media campaigns, compared to when retail brands actually launch campaigns
  • The increase in customer engagement when email campaigns were sent out before social media campaigns
  • The best and worst retailers in terms of user engagement on each social media channel

Walker Sands was able to drill down deeper into the report throughout the media campaign to increase the depth of Yesmail’s thought leadership and deliver PR exposure in granular segments of the marketplace.

The Result

Walker Sands' work drew immediate attention from targeted media, resulting in more than 60 placements, including key coverage in Ad Age, VentureBeat, Washington Post, Forbes, Direct Marketing News, Social Media Today, Internet Retailer and other outlets. Walker Sands also wrote several contributed articles for Yesmail executives that further established the company's position as an industry thought leader.

The media campaign also drove more than 4,000 visits to Yesmail’s site (a quarter of which came directly from referral sites) and more than 100 downloads of the white paper, generating new business for Yesmail across multiple verticals and industries.

Based on the success of the initial media campaign, Yesmail and other Infogroup business units have engaged Walker Sands on several subsequent data projects and surveys that have generated even greater media coverage and sales leads. As of May 2013, Walker Sands is now the agency of record for Yesmail.

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