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Why everyone needs their own personal PR plan for the Holiday Season

Julie Walsh

It’s officially here: The Holiday season.

It’s not nearly as magical as it seems in the movies. The holidays are often some of the most stressful times for people. If it is not a quest for the best deal, it’s finding the perfect gift, or throwing a holiday gathering that looks effortless, but in fact was not.

To make it through the holidays this year I recommend everyone creates their own personal PR plan.

Essential to every PR plan are: research, planning, a calendar, and a budget.

Research: Take some time to research and evaluate what worked and what did not work for you in the past. Just like any solid PR plan, it is important to evaluate where your successes and failures were in previous experiences and take note of them. If buying your gifts months in advance works for you, then stick with it.

Planning: In both public relations plans and the holidays, the worst thing that can happen is to be caught off guard. It is important to communicate with those around you (clients or family members alike) and determine what the season is going to look like. Addressing questions such as: who is hosting the holiday party, or who you are responsible for buying gifts for will go a long way in stress reduction. The last thing you need is to be closing out stores on Christmas Eve trying to find an unexpected last minute gift.

Calendar: Using a calendar during this season is crucial. The season is filled with family events, office parties, and the best way to make sure you don’t end up doubled booked is by keeping your holiday calendar of events up to date. The calendar goes hand in hand with planning, and it is important that the calendar of events be shared with all necessary people. Knowing the “when and where” of the holidays makes the season organized. Just like developing an effective public relations plan, organization essential to the holidays.

Budget: It is no secret the economy is still recovering. Sticking to your budget this holiday season will be key in helping to keep your holiday induced financial stress to a minimum. Buy for those on your list, and set a maximum price point so that you do not over spend. Sticking to the budget (and especially not going over budget), is crucial to a successful PR plan and your holiday season, so I suggest making one.

Of course there is a lot more that goes into both a PR plan and the holidays, but by modeling your holiday after a well-organized public relations plan, you’re on your way to executing a very successful season!