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Why Bother with Branding?

Rachel Wilkie

From a young age we are often taught the familiar adage “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” We have heard it time and time again in fairy tales such as The Frog Prince and even classic Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast. While this principal certainly holds true for many real life scenarios, it is losing face fast when it comes to branding for businesses. It used to be common and accepted knowledge that branding was only for the Coca-Colas of the world, but as with many things the last decade, this has changed greatly.

Your company’s perceived identity can be the lifeline to growth and success, or it can be the antithesis – the ball and chain holding it back.  While a brilliant branding strategy can be priceless, these are just a few of the commonly seen benefits a company can expect:

1.    Motivates the Customer to Buy- Many business owners struggle to see the need or value for proper messaging and branding strategies. After all, in this economy it’s all about the bottom line. In my mind, this is exactly why you need to stand out. Now, more than ever, customers are overwhelmed by the options they have when making a purchasing decision. When they stop by your store, or click on your website, what kind of impression do you make? I can assure you, if it isn’t positive, then they won’t be giving you any business. Making sure that your messaging and identity accurately reflect the company is key. Potential customers will form an impression of your services or products in seconds, this is where great branding and messaging strategy can capture and retain their attention, and ultimately this converts to more sales.

2.    Creates Loyalty - While it is true that branding can help guide the customer to purchase, it can also convince them to continue using your product or service. To keep this repeat business flowing, it is critical to research, define and fully understand your brand proposition and the values you will continue to stand behind. Your brand becomes a source of promise to the customer and it is what they depend on when it comes time for them to commit. Building true customer loyalty through branding also means that there  is opportunity to gain new prospects through word of mouth.

3.    Builds credibility - For many business owners, credibility is not easy to come by. Through constant innovation, great customer service, and aggressive marketing, companies can break through to their consumers and register their brand as being the top pick. When this registration happens, the brand has successfully helped associate credibility with the company.