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What Walker Sands’ Interns Learned this Summer

Sarah Hale

As summer draws to a close, our 2013 class of summer interns reflected on what they learned during their summer at Walker Sands, what they wish they'd known and the importance of both a strong work ethic and kickball skills.

The most important skill I developed during my internship was how to communicate with people effectively. Whether it is via email, phone, social media, or even in person, I've found that strong communication skills are major asset I'll have in my back pocket for the rest of my life.

-Jennifer Mulligan

I think the most important thing I learned this summer is the value of strong writing and how it can drastically alter media results. In addition to that, I think working with reporters on a daily basis is a skill that I am continuing to develop.

-Carly Garber

During my internship I learned the ins and outs of website development and maintenance. I learned how to read and write HTML and also how to incorporate SEO into webpages. My internship was a learning experience where I got hands on experience and got to feel part of a team.

-Colleen Garvey

Over the summer, I was able to work on fine-tuning my media relations skills, something that I was somewhat naive to at the beginning of the internship.

-Kaitlin Mansour

The most important thing I've learned at this internship is how to adapt. I've had to take on different voices for different publications, create 1200 word articles out of sparse notes, and write authoritatively about subjects I'd never heard of in my life. At the beginning, I wish I had known a little more about tech. It would have helped me out on some particularly tricky articles!

-Stephanie Castillo

At Walker Sands Communications I had a great time learning about some back-end tactics to help better optimize a webpage. I had a great time here, the digital staff is always willing to help answer questions.

-Quinn Sharp

During this internship, I learned the importance of prioritizing and time-management. Before, I just thought those were resume buzzwords. Now, I've experienced first-hand how crucial those skills are -- especially in PR.

-Maura Howard

The most important thing I learned from my internship experience is that calling reporters is tough, but it's the best way to convince them to cover your client and so rewarding. Also, I learned that I'm not very good at kickball.

-Sasha Hayman

Interested in learning more about media relations and agency life? Apply to be a Walker Sands intern! Check our careers page periodically for updates on spring, fall and summer programs.