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What PR Pros are Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Sky Opila

328/365 Ready for turkey!I know, I know, it's Thanksgiving so everyone who blogs, runs a blog or reads a blog is thinking about fun ways to list out what they are thankful for this year (and this post is no different). But lets face it, there's a lot to be thankful for!

So the team at Walker Sands took a little time to share what every PR professional should be thankful for this year.

1. The Holidays – You can create a ‘holiday’ angle for pretty much any type of business or service you're pitching. Take this blog post, for example!

2. Google – Because when coworkers ask a question, we can refer them to Google. Just try it for yourself, it’s fun.

3. Twitter - What perfect timing! With journo's inboxes more flooded than ever before, this new way of reaching out and contacting people came along just in time! Now we have a new place to flood!!!

4. Al and Laura Ries – For explaining why PR is more effective than advertising in their book, The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR.

5. The Publicity Agency – For taking on PR for notorious criminals like Rod Blagojevich and Drew Peterson. Attempting to make bad guys seem good is a daunting task. Thanks for trying, so we didn’t have to.

6. The word “solution” – Because without it, what word would we use? /over-used-words-cliches-whats-another-word-for-solution/

7. Research analysts – Because they increase our success twofold. Have them write about a client and they’ll pitch them to the media for you.

8. Search Engine Optimization – SEO is taking PR by storm. Nothing funny here, it's just a damn good muscle to flex and be thankful for.

9. Google Wave – OK, maybe you haven't fully realized it yet but the first time you can send a press release for review to clients and coworkers alike through Google Wave, you will be dancing in the streets.

10. Social Media Measurement Tools – Monitoring the conversation used to be such a pain in the butt and take a multitude of various tools. Now, all kinds of new solutions are emerging for getting a fairly holistic view of your brand's social media footprint. Anything that cuts a task's time for completion down is something I'm thankful for.

11. Coffee – Where would PR be without coffee? Not only is it crucial to those early mornings and late nights, but it is the lifeblood of our industry. What would you do without the coffee shop on the corner as an option to meet a journo or potential client  for a networking meetup?

12. Google Analytics – Now Google's third appearance on this short list, but their tools are just so amazing! Easily one of the best free tools for measuring your success and the success of any PR outreach and campaign.

13. Bloggers – While newsrooms may be tightening the belt, bloggers are growing in numbers everyday and their readership is growing along with them. Enter a great new outlet for your pitches.

14. YouTube – Producing and distributing B-roll just got a whole lot easier. Legitimate news outlets are now using YouTube footage in the newscasts. (Wait a second, is this the fourth appearance of Google?!?!)

15. LinkedIn – Not only is it the greatest tool for keeping your contacts close, but nothing compares to the ability to stay on top of the latest in career moves and adjustments for those same people. Plus it's another great touchpoint for media relations.

16. A Day Off - I think we all need one of these. *Sigh of relief*

That's our quick list of things we're thankful for. What about you?

Creative Commons License photo credit: The Suss-Man (Mike)