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Welcome to the Real World

Rachel Jasculca

Last August, as my senior year was rapidly approaching, I remember continuously thinking to myself how I wish it could all just be over. Going back for one last year was the last thing I wanted to do. I had decided that I'd rather fast forward to graduation and the day that I could finally enter the real working world. I felt completely prepared to jump right in. What I don't think I realized at the time was that I was sort of living the double life. Yes, I had to return for one more academic year, but I had already had the opportunity to partially step into the real world as well.

During my undergraduate career I had three separate internships during my four years. The hands-on experiences that supplemented my academics was the most beneficial thing for me personally over the course of my time at Loyola. It is so important for undergrads to gain real life experiences through internships before graduating and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to do so. Internships allow students and young professionals to gauge the intensity of the industry and solidify that they are in the right place. And it's never too early to start getting your foot in the door.

Now being all of 13 days into adulthood (or almost adulthood - still haven't received my diploma in the mail) I am more than content with where I am at today and the path I took to get here. It is crucial to utilize an undergraduate career to not only gain valuable academic knowledge, but to also get hands-on experience to better prepare yourself for when you graduate. Looking back (all of two weeks), I think I value my education more now than I did when I was a student. I'm sure my opinion of adulthood is subject to change as more bills and student loans continue to come my way, but for now I am ready to embrace it.

Before ending, a final introduction would probably be a good idea! My name is Rachel Jasculca and I am one of the new public relations interns working at Walker Sands for the summer and am very excited to be here. I just graduated with a degree in public relations/advertising, as well as minors in marketing and Spanish from Loyola University Chicago. During my time there in the School of Communications, I developed a great interest in digital communications and new media technology and fell in love with my marketing minor. I love the city and don't plan on leaving any time soon, but will always be a Wisconsin girl at heart (go Pack!).

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!