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Welcome to Footprints, The Walker Sands Marketing & PR Blog

Mike Santoro

As a firm offering expertise in marketing, PR, and in the last few years, social media, you would think we would be old pros at navigating the blogosphere. And we are. Nearly every person at Walker Sands has been blogging for years on a diverse range of subjects.

Most of the team are writers by nature so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that most have blogs. SEO to Bass Fishing. Lollapalooza to Vegas Style CRM. We write.

But never before have we had a Walker Sands focused blog. Today that changes.

With many of our clients we stumble over recurring pain points. Tell me more about social media. Why is our competitor getting so much web traffic? Why aren’t we on Oprah yet?

This blog will be a hearty attempt to answer those questions and more.

We’ll be covering the topics that we know best: marketing strategy, public relations, web design & development, SEO and SEM, social media, print design, branding, event marketing and many more.

If you are the type that wants to learn what does and doesn’t work in promoting your business, stick around. Better yet, subscribe to the RSS feed. You never know when we’ll reveal the elusive secret to getting booked on Oprah.