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Weekly Friday Five

Christine Curtin


Friday Five for the week of July 30-August 3:

1. 5 tips for enhancing client relations

(PR Daily)

Great client relations is step one of public relations. This article has a few good tips on how to keep a positive and productive relationship by PR Daily.

2. Gets 1 Million Users in First 6 Hours


Could Gmail soon be a fad of the past? Probably not, but here is a first look at Microsoft’s Hotmail replacement, Outlook.

3. Here's why tablets (yes tablets!) will replace the smartphone


We’re in the middle of a tablet boom with iPad mini rumors and the Google tablet coming out on the market – but where does this leave our beloved smartphones? This blogger actually tried out using his tablet as a smartphone to explore the possibility of a tablet focused world.

4. How wireless technologies will impact the 2012 presidential election


While the 2008 presidential election notably focused on social media, this year’s election will put mobile in the spotlight. Both sides in this year's election are paying close attention to their mobile marketing platforms.

5. A New Startup Every 48 Hours - Chicago's Top 100 Digital Companies


As a Chicago-based business, we love to read positive Chicago stories – especially when they feature our clients!  Forbes lists Chicago’s Top 100 Digital Companies on the rise.

Have a great time at Lollapalooza!