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Webinar Recap: Capturing Media Attention through Data-Driven PR

Courtney Beasley

Last Thursday, Andrea Kempfer of Lab42 and our very own Mike Santoro hosted a webinar revealing the secrets of turning survey responses and in-house data into meaningful media results.

Slide from presentation showing infographic samples created from survey results and the media coverage received

Here are some tips on making stats work to your advantage:

  • Remember: data campaigns aren't the exclusive domain of business-to-consumer companies.
  • You may have an idea of what the results "should" look like, but hold off on passing judgment. The story that the results tell may surprise you.
  • Think beyond the infographic. Your results may be best explained through a video, a parallax scrolling site or a meme.
  • Data isn't single-purpose. Use the reports generated, results discovered and collateral developed to share with prospects, current customers and other external audiences.
  • 43 percent of those who took our survey said they weren't sure if they had usable data on hand. You most likely do. Partner with the right people to mine and evaluate internal data.

data results

Want to learn all eight steps? Check out the complete recap, and click here to sign up for our Dec. 11 webinar covering using Google Analytics to measure a PR campaign.