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Walker Sands (W)interns Reflect on Internship Program

Holly Stehlin

While I don’t think we can say winter is behind us here in Chicago, I can say that our winter interns have already completed half of their internship!  Read more to find out about their out their experiences thus far:

Kyle Davis

Kyle Davis (Graphic Design) - I moved to Chicago for my position as graphic design intern, and it has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. Not only is the city a great place to live, but Walker Sands has quickly become a comfortable and exciting place to spend my Monday through Friday. The people here are extremely welcoming and helpful, whether it be getting me up to speed on a project, helping me with agency protocol or giving me recommendations for the best restaurants in the city. I have worked on a multitude of project in the past six weeks—in-house marketing collateral, website layout and design for our clients, event flyers—the list goes on. Each evening I feel as though I leave my desk with brand new knowledge about my profession, the company and the industry. Walker Sands is continually growing and it’s been inspiring to be surrounded by those pushing the company forward. I hope to continue strengthening my skills as a designer and further expanding my creative aptitude with the remainder of my internship.

Alexa OhmAlexa Ohm (PR) - My Walker Sands experience doesn’t feel like an internship because the culture and employees made this environment like home. I’m consistently encouraged to do only the best work for clients and that includes seeing my story ideas embraced by my team for pitches that later turned into client coverage. Collectively, the past six weeks focused mostly on the ins and outs of pitching and media relations. I also produced client content and researched tech trends both generally and respective to my clients’ industries.

To be honest, I cannot choose a “best” part of my internship because I enjoy all of it. Being an “intern” at Walker Sands is not “being an intern.” Here is means being an important part of a team. In the coming weeks I hope to learn more about different teams and work on collaborative projects that reach across teams to get a full view of what the agency offers clients. Overall, I love my experience and cannot wait to see what the next six weeks bring!

Alex JonkerAlex Jonker (Digital Content) - These past six weeks as the digital content intern have absolutely flown by, but in the best way possible. I genuinely enjoy coming into work each day and seeing what’s on my writing schedule. By far, my favorite part of Walker Sands is the culture of open communication and learning. These values are so strongly felt, not only in casual conversations, but in the various trainings and lunch & learns that I’ve attended. I have never worked in such a large agency that puts so much thought and care into the internship program. I think all the interns have learned so much, professionally and personally – and we are only halfway through.

I came into this experience with minimal SEO writing experience, but through the editing processes and coaching sessions I feel like I can now confidently add this skill to my resume. I’m excited to see how much more my writing can progress in the next six weeks.

Alicia SaragosaAlicia Saragosa (PR) - If you would have told me a year ago that, a year from now I'd be interning in B2B tech and loving it, I would have looked at you like you were crazy. Over the past six weeks as an intern, I have dived deep into the marketing and retail technology spaces, redefined what it means to be a public relations professional today and really refined my media relations practice. With the help of my team and supervisor, I have challenged myself more in this role, both personally and professionally, than ever before. All in all, my favorite takeaway from this experience thus far would have to be, that you must be the person that you want to work with.

Taylor CarrTaylor Carr (PR) - The opportunity to work at Walker Sands Communications has been an amazing learning experience since day one. Entering the internship, I had experience with in-house and boutique B2C public relations in the entertainment industry and Walker Sands has introduced me to B2B public relations in technology at a larger agency. I have enjoyed getting acclimated with agency life, getting familiar with the tech industry and being able to use my creativity to bring fun, relatable aspects to technology companies via bylines, pitches and blog posts.

Walker Sands has an extremely supportive, comfortable and efficient work environment – my supervisor and mentor have done an amazing job at ensuring that I have a fun yet meaningful and fulfilling experience filled with tons of helpful advice and feedback. Over the next six weeks, I want to tighten up my writing and learn more about the other teams and projects at Walker Sands.

Dana Van DuermDana Van Duerm (PR) - Over the past six weeks, I’ve definitely come a long way. Naturally, I was nervous to start, but everyone here has made it such an easy, fun transition. I’ve had the opportunity to hit-the-ground-running, which is what I appreciate most! Sitting in on meetings, pitching, drafting bylines and press releases consume my time, and I couldn’t be happier. I love the fast pace environment at Walker Sands, and I’m never afraid or discouraged to ask questions. I’m excited to continue learning and pushing myself to make my team proud.

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