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Walker Sands Tastes Sweet Success with National Cookie Day

Courtney Beasley

What do you get when you cross emojis, 120 boxes of cookies and a Chicago nonprofit? Walker Sands’ favorite holiday! If you didn’t already know, December 4th, National Cookie Day, was one worth celebrating, or at least we thought so.


It’s no secret that we are fans of cookies around our office, and take pride in the ability to consume an entire package of Oreos within a matter of minutes. However, we wanted to take our passion for sweet treats to the next level, and National Cookie Day couldn’t have been a more perfect opportunity to do so. By partnering with After School Matters, we set out to bring our love of cookies to our Chicago friends and then some.

Walker Sands’ roots are in Chicago, which is why we decided to involve as many Chicago companies and friends to take part. To kick off the day, we sent boxes of cookies made by a local baker to a handful of our Chicago comrades. Because we like to do things a little differently, we decided to spell out “Walker Sands Celebrates National Cookie day!” using emojis.

Tucked into each box was a special set of instructions showing celebrators what to do with their cookies. We broke it down into three easy steps: 1. snap a pic, 2. share on social media using #WSCookieDay, 3. enjoy cookie. For every share we donated $1.00 to After School Matters. We received hundreds of social shares spanning the United States and were able to give $1000 to help fund STEM after school youth programming.

Wayin Visualization of Social Activity on Twitter, December 4th, for #WSCookieDay  

wayin capture

It’s truly amazing what can become of a few emojis, cookies and a hashtag. We are so thankful to everyone who celebrated National Cookie Day with us by sharing pictures and donating.